MassEffects Multicurrency hedging fx exposure

Hedging EA MassEffects Multicurrency hedging fx exposure 1.1

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A hedging EA is an Expert Advisor that is used to trade in a risk-averse manner. This type of EA typically uses a martingale or similar money management technique to trade with a safety net.A hedging EA can be a useful tool for traders who want to minimize their risk. However, it is important to remember that this type of EA can also lead to losses if the market moves against the trader.

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MassEffects Multicurrency hedging fx exposure - Monitoring:

These are the features

Does not


These are the features​

  • Does not use indicators
  • Uses averaging with increased lot
  • Bar open prices are works that use explicit control of the bar.
  • You can trade independently in either Buy or Sell direction. For hedge accounts, rules can be established to buy, sell or buysell.
  • Trade information is displayed in the upper-left corner of the chart

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