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If you're looking for a powerful forex robot that can help you make money through arbitrage, MT5 forex robots are definitely worth considering. These robots are designed to take advantage of price differences in the market, and they can be extremely profitable if used correctly.Of course, as with any type of trading, there is always some risk involved. However, if you do your research and use a reliable forex broker, the risks can be minimized. Additionally, there are many different MT5 forex robots available on the market, so it's important to choose one that best suits your needs and trading style.Overall, MT5 forex robots can be a great way to earn extra income or even make a full-time living from trading. If you're willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to use them correctly, they can be highly lucrative.

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Batman Midnight Hunter MT5 Free arbitrage ea - Batman Midnight Hunter is a fully automatic smart night scalping system which has proven itself on

Batman Midnight Hunter is a fully automatic smart night scalping system which has proven itself on real accounts. The Expert Advisor does not adapt the system to historical data, as most authors do. Instead, it exploits existing market inefficiencies. It isn't a "hit-and-miss" method. Instead, the Expert Advisor is fully adaptable smart and uses real market dynamics to maximize profits. The Expert Advisor uses a fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit. Expert Advisor can be used with all...

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Excellent EA, and great support from the entire team. We will see where it goes. 2022/10/11: The EA did well in Aug, but very poorly in Sep and Oct. This EA has never earned me any profits. Every week, the EA makes huge DD. You can also see the live signal, all profit from Jun, Jul, and Aug blew up in Sep and Oct. The EA does not work in this market. I had to stop this EA completely. The team has been supportive and that is an added bonus. I hope that the EA will be updated in the future and maybe I will change my mind


Excellent EA, and excellent support by Evgenii Aksenov. EA is working for 2 weeks with profit.


Very stable with consistent overall profit. Very happy with this purchase. Thanks


This is my third purchase with the Evgenii. I love the scalping/intraday EAs. I will be reviewing the Batman results soon, and looking forward to my next bonus EA by Evgenii soon 17 October 2022: Batman and Night Scalper Pro (Bonus EA) have not performed well over the last few weeks. The developer should make updates to improve the strategy to suit market conditions. As mentioned, i am a fan of Evgenii's scalping/intraday EAs as most of them can operate without any fancy or dangerous Grid/Martingale strategies but as of now, the EAs are NOT performing well hence i will lower my rating. -NSP (Bonus EnergyA) - I'm seeing small wins of 0.01 on the default settings. Some SL are even as high as $20. -Batman - Not too bad overall.. TP and SL are good but overall can improve


Excellent EA. Achieves good results on the real account. Although I have purchased EAs from different authors, this is by far the best. Very good job. Regards.