Zone MultiTrend Trader direct hedging forex

Zone MultiTrend Trader direct hedging forex 7.0

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Zone Multi-Trend Trader is a fully automated Multi-Timeframe trading robot with a Multi-Step Volume Add based on the Quad Exponential Moving Averages Zone Swing Trading Strategy, the Expert works on Indices, Currencies, Commodities, Stocks & Cryptocurrencies. The trading robot focuses on Timing, Trend, Momentum, Position Sizing & Minimization of Risk.
Key Features: * Multiple-Timeframes (5) Per Symbol.
* Fixed Stop Loss.
* Trailing Stop Loss.
* Lot/Volume Sizing Per Symbol by Account Balance Percentage.
* Trend Filtering Signals.
* Add Multi-Step Lot/Volume
* Long/Short Signals.
* The Price Trailing Strategy
* Full Customizable inputs
This Expert is suitable for both Experienced and Beginner Trader. A low maintenance trading partner bringing consistency, efficiency, performance, promoting diversification, and maintaining your portfolio's risk management strategy.
The Expert primarily uses Market orders then alternates to Pending orders if order type not allowed by broker.
For optimal performance, it is advised to use the Expert on Virtual Host.
Users are encouraged to load the trading robot on multiple symbols to diversify their portfolios.
Optimize Expert for New Strategy and Risk Parameters annually per active symbol. An automated email reminder will be sent.
Feedback is welcome to help us improve our products.
Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on our product.

STEP 1: Download the Expert, Refresh your Advisors list on the terminal Navigator then right click on the Zone Multi-Trend Trader Expert and select Test to launch the Strategy Tester.
STEP 2: Settings: Select Expert, Select Symbol, Select Minimum Timeframe, Select your Custom Period, Delays, Modelling, Deposit, Leverage, Optimization enabled & Criterion.
STEP 3: Step 3. Inputs. Select the Parameters that you want to optimize, and then enter their Start, Stop and Step values. Then start testing.
Users may choose exclude the Signal Timeframes if they wish to focus on a Set Timeframes.
Users are encouraged to optimize timeframes separately with other timeframes deactivated to find best parameters for each timeframe. After you have selected the optimal parameters for each timeframe, you can combine them and activate them all.
STEP 4 - Optimization Results. Set Criteria to Sort by Your Preferred Column.
Right click on the results and filter out the following results: Zero Trades, Losses, Drawdown > 50% & Recovery Factor < 1.
Once Optimization is Complete, Choose a Tester Set/Pass that meets your custom requirements among the top results.
Users may look for a Tester Set/Pass Result that is profitable, Low Drawdown, Profit Factor greater than 1.00, A Recovery Factor greater than 1.00 & Relatively higher number of total trades.
STEP 5: Right click on the selected Tester and Pass then run a single test.
Once satisfied with the Back Test results right click on the inputs tab to save the Tester Set File for use in Live or Demo trading.
Tester Set Files should not be used for other purposes than the intended.

STEP 1: Open a Chart of the Symbol you wish to Trade. Download the Expert, Refresh your advisors list on the terminal Navigator then right click on the Zone Multi-Trend Trader and select Attach to chart.
STEP 2; Common Tab. Allow Algo Trading & Modify Signal Settings. Inputs Tab; Load the saved Tester Set file saved for the Symbol and Timeframe on your Step 5 of testing then click OK.
STEP 3: Select Tools from the terminal, then choose options. Next go to Expert Advisors Tab and select Allow Algorithmic Trading. Click OK.
STEP 4: Ensure Algo Trading is Enabled. If not, Enable.
STEP 5: Migrate to Virtual Hosting (OPTIONAL) then Start monitoring.
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