Universal MT5 MACD buy sell martingale ea

Universal MT5 MACD buy sell martingale ea 1.0

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MACD trading bot​

This simplified trading robot uses one strategy for entry (the extended version includes more than 10).

Employer Benefits​

Scalping, Martingale, grid trading.
Trading can be set up with one or a grid of orders. The flexible order grid with dynamic, fixed or multiplier step and trading lot allows you to adapt your Expert Advisor to almost any trading instrument.

This drawdown recovery method covers losing orders, and protects the remaining
Grid trading can be vulnerable to low prices. However, the order recovery system makes it possible for an EA not to suffer any drawdowns. By overlapping unprofitable orders, the drawdown can be ended. This is done by placing profit-producing orders closer to the market. TThe trading robot can be used to restore unprofitable positions on the account, for manual trading or in trades opened by other Expert Advisors. Can pick up and work with all orders by magic number.

Trade Openings Filters.
A signal and trade opening filter are essential for any trading strategy. This robot has several of them: the trend direction filter by MA, the volatility filter, the spread expansion filter, the day of the week and time of day, the forward and reverse correlation filter for multi-trading. Here is the function of manual confirmation of signals.

Levels for closing and opening orders.
Virtually all levels are available for setting stoploss and trailing stops, opening trades and taking profit. That's why you can set levels as low as 1 pip and not worry if a broker will see your stop or trader's strategy. In the Expert Advisor settings, you can see levels.

Email and Mobile Terminal Alerts
Keep in touch even when you're away from your computer. If there is a set amount of drawdown in your account, your Expert Advisor will alert you and stop the trade. The chart also shows different information about trading and account status.

  • START_LOT is the beginning lot of the N balance (FROM_BALANCE). If FROM_BALANCE is 0, then use a fixed first lot.
  • MAX_SPREAD - maximum spread;
  • MULTIDIRECTIONAL - allow opening multi-directional orders ;
  • SYMBOL_FILTER - correlation filter for multi-trade;
  • MANUAL_CONFIRMATION - Manual confirmation of transactions.
  • NEW_CYCLE - new cycle, if prohibited, the EA will no longer open new orders after closing;
  • REVERSE_POSITIONS: Reverse positions instead of open selling;
  • TRADE_TYPE - trade type, grid or hedging;
  • HEDGE_FIRST_ORD: hedge starting at the first or most recent level;
  • MAX_ORDERS is the maximum order
  • STEP_ORDERS - the initial step of opening orders;
  • STEP_INCREASE - Increase the step for opening orders.
  • STEP_MULTIPLIER is a multiplier for order steps
  • DYNAMIC_STEP - dynamic order step;
  • DYNAMIC_MODIFY_BY_STEP - use step modification;
  • MAX_STEP - maximum step size;
  • LOT_INCREASE - Increase lotto;
  • LOT_MULTIPLIER - lot multiplier;
  • MAX_LOT - maximum lot;
  • MIN_SEC_BETWEEN_ORDERS - minimum frequency of opening trades;
  • MIN_ORDERS_LOT_MODIFY - number of unidirectional orders to start increasing the lot;
  • Order to allow overlapping orders with OVERLAP_ORDERS
  • OVERLAP_PIPS - Minimum profit in pips.
  • STOPLOSS, TAKEPROFIT -stop loss and take profit;
  • TRAILING_STOP, TRAILING_STEP-trailing opr and following step.
  • TRAILING_MODIFY_BY_STEP - modify trailing steps;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER - The magic number,
  • ORDERS_COMMENT - comments to orders;
  • START_TIME, END_TIME - Start and End of the Examiner;
  • SHOW_INFO - show information;
  • DRAW_LINES - draw modification level lines;
  • SHOW_TRADE_HISTORY - Show trade history;
  • DRAWDOWN_VALUE - Maximum drawdown to notify;
  • MA_TREND_FILTER - Trend filter;
  • ATR_FILTER - Enable ATR filter.
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