Triton Review Maringale EA

Triton Review Maringale EA 10.0

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The robot is designed to work on the major currency pairs. It trades in three strategies. 1 - swing strategy, 2 - gap trading, 3 - support and resistance. It uses an algorithm for analyzing price data and finds the best parameters. Trades are filtered based on the analysis of the last 10 periods of the daily and monthly chart.
  • The swing strategy can be used on the timeframe H1 or M30, as well as on M15 or M5 (more trades, but higher risk)
  • For gaps trading strategy, choose the timeframes M30 or H1
  • For trading the support and resistance levels, choose M30, H1 or H4
This is not a scalper EA. It works with all brokers with quotes accuracy to the pips. The optimal lot size is 0.02 for every 500 USD (AutoLot = 500).


  • UseSwing - Trade by Swing strategy
  • Swing_TimeFrame - time frame for the Swing strategy
  • UseSR - Trade by Support and Resistance strategy
  • SR_TimeFrame - Support and Resistance Strategy
  • UseGap - Gap strategy
  • Gap_TimeFrame - time frame for the Gap strategy
  • MinGap - the minimum gap size in pips
  • Start trading, hour - the hour of the Expert Advisor start
  • Start trading, minute - the minute when the EA starts
  • End trading, hour - the hour when the EA finishes
  • End trading, minute - the minute when the EA finishes
  • Start pause, hour - the hour when the pause begins
  • Start pause, minute - the minute of the start pause in the EA
  • End pause, hour - the hour of the end pause in the EA
  • End pause, minute - the minute of the end pause in the EA
  • Max.spread size - the maximum allowed spread size
  • of trades - the maximum number of open trades
  • Execution Order Type - how the order is executed (contact your broker, if necessary).
    • ORDER_FILLING_FOK - this execution policy means that the order can only be executed to the specified volume.
    • ORDER_FILLING_IOC - means agreement to execute a trade at the maximum volume available in the market within the volume specified in the order.
    • ORDER_FILLING_RETURN - in case of partial execution the market or limit order with residual volume is not removed but remains in effect.
:::::::::: Money Management:::::::::::
  • Lot - initial lot size
  • AutoLot - automatic calculation of lot based on account size
  • Lot x - lot multiplier for the next trade
  • TP all trades - when more than one trade is opened, all trades will be closed with the specified profit in pips
  • Multipair closing - allows to close trades in pairs (loss vs. profit)
  • TP - take profit in pips
  • SL - stop loss in pips
  • TP1 Lot% - partial closing when profit, % lot
  • TP1 - partial closing when profit in pips
  • SL1 Lot% - partial closing when loss is reached, % lot
  • SL1 - Closes part of the trade when the specified loss in pips is reached
  • SL on BE - When the specified profit (in pips) is reached, moves the stop loss to the opening price of the trade
  • SL on BE - moves the SL on BE moves the stop loss by the specified number of points profit
  • TrailingSL start profit - start moving the stop loss at the specified profit in pips
  • TrailingSL distance - move SL level at a specified distance from the current price
  • TrailingSL step - stop loss level move in pips
  • TrailingTP start loss - start take profit move at the specified loss in pips
  • TrailingTP distance - move TP level at the specified distance
  • TrailingTP step - take profit level move in pips
  • Magic - magic number of deals
  • comment - comment on the deals
Example of AutoLot:
  • Settings
  • Lot = 0.02
  • AutoLot = 500
  • If balance = 1000
    Trade size will be 0.04 lot
  • If balance = 1500
    Trade size will be 0.06 lot
  • If balance = 2000
    Trade size will be 0.08 lot
  • If balance = 2000
    Trade size will be 0.08 lots
An example of Multipair closing:
The Advisor tracks the entire account based on the first two numbers in the Magic number.
Market situation:
  • EURUSD - Magic 5511 - buy trade has a loss of 100 pips
  • GBPUSD - Magic 5522 - sell trade has a profit of 130 pips
The first two numbers in the magic numbers are the same (55), so both trades will close with a total profit of 30 pips (parameter TP all trades = 30)
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