Transatlantic Prophet MT5 scalping forex expert advisor

Transatlantic Prophet MT5 scalping forex expert advisor 2.1

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Bot only works in a limited environment (specified below in the conditions for work), and only on the pair EURUSD. It is highly recommended not to change anything! It is recommended to reduce only the risks.

Normal conditions for the bot.
  • Instrument: EURUSD
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Leverage: 1:100
  • Deposit: $ 1000 (for the default risk, drawdown on the screenshots)

Warning! Not to work on other currency pairs, also do not change the conditions specified as normal for the work of the bot!

You can test any conditions, the opening price, the control points, all ticks, or real ticks. At the same time not to violate the specified normal conditions for the operation of the bot. You can see how to configure the tester in the screenshot. Also in the screenshot, you can see the drawdown, which can easily be reduced by changing the Percent Risk field, below are examples of risk settings.

Money Management.
The bot works with automatic determination of risk. By default, the initial deposit of $ 1000 also Percent Risk parameter is 1000, with a decrease in this parameter, the risk will significantly increase, and vice versa. Example of risk reduction: leave the deposit of $ 1000 and set Percent Risk = 10000, in which case the risk will be 10 times less, and the bot will be able to work in light mode. For more reliable work set Percent Risk = 10000 and deposit 10000, the bot will work with a smaller profit but with 10 times weaker drawdowns.

Bot uses 9 classical indicators (iEnvelopes, iADX, iBands, iMA, iRSI, iSAR, iATR, iCCI, iStochastic). Which form the signals and the entry is made based on the complex solution. Also the bot works with a series of trades, but not more than 5.

The feature of the bot is partially scalpel trade in the intraday candle, with a significant price movement in one direction the bot works as a scalpel, then the take profit is automatically reduced. After the end of such a movement the bot switches to the classic version of the trade.

Bot exists in two versions, for MT4 and for MT5. You can rent the bot for a month or three months for preliminary testing on a real or demo accounts. Have a nice trade.
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