T vack Beginners fx hedges

T vack Beginners fx hedges 1.0

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MT5 EA trading system for BTCUSD
*T vack Beginners*

Use a brokerage firm with narrow spreads.

trading style: Grid type

Time frame: 15 minutes

The chart does not require indicators.

Known for its high trading direction analysis and high win rate using fundamental analysis

It is a trading method that incorporates logic by combining half & half tralipi type EA.

Long-term, unrealized losses due to top price buying or bottom price selling of half-and-half types

which is a weak point of Tralipi type EA

Because it employs the Tralipi EA, (sell up, buy down), it is very safe.

The theoretical currency pair's value is used as the median for the type of half-and-half.

Based on the theoretical value, the direction of trade can be fairly determined

Currency pair from the fundamental perspective

You can change the upper, lower, or median limit.

The market price may fluctuate near the set median,

but the trading direction may change frequently at that time.

The position order for the trading direction prior to the change has been forcibly settled at this point.
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