Survivor Advanced buy sell martingale ea

Survivor Advanced buy sell martingale ea 3.4

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Modification to the well-respected Expert Advisor " Survival", with adjustable settings and optimization possibilities.
Business hours: 24 hours a day (adjustable)
Recommended currency pair: USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPJPY, EURCHF
Recommended time frame: M5, M15
Description Trend Advisor with grid and martingale. The Expert Advisor employs three types of signals to open, close and add trades. If there is a trend (defined by MA), a bounce in the direction of the trend movement is caught using Bollinger Bens (on the inner channel line) and oscillators confirmation. Can open a series of transactions at "MaxOrders" >1 on a separate group of indicators, as well as increase lot size depending on the parameter "Lots_exp". Closes trades with fixed SL TP, dynamic TP or third channel BB (optimized separately).
Important: This Expert Advisor requires specially prepared settings after optimization, default settings are not suitable for work. Files with presets and description of settings can be found in the discussion.
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