Sun Storm MT5 scalping forex expert advisor

Sun Storm MT5 scalping forex expert advisor 1.0

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Sun Storm MT5 - it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices.​


  • Can used this EA whit 100$ in your account

The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions​

Sun Storm MT5 It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.​

It is a 100% automatic system, the system controls both the inputs and the batches, the operator just has to place the robot on the graph and let it act
It is an ideal system for people who do not want complications or strange configurations.
The system is self-sufficient, performing all the work.
Is a revolution in the customization of the trading.


You can download the demo and test it yourself.

Sun Storm MT5 it ISThe trading system is suitable both for experienced traders and beginners !

Sun Storm MT5 it IS NOT Martingale! NOT GRID, Averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used!

Sun Storm MT5 this is a full compliance with the FIFO method !
The DEFAULT settings are for EURUSD 1 MIN AND GBPUSD 1 MIN

    • Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques.
    • "Safety first" approach in development.
  • Stress-tests on historical data.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Broker type: Low spread, fast execution, low commission fast and reliable ECN broker.
  • Fast VPS a most.
  • The algorithm of the adviser allows you to trade with the trend and against the trend.
  • Optimized pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD.
  • Each trade has a fixed StopLoss
  • The system does not use risky strategies such as Grid or martingale. No more than one trade can be executed for each currency pair.
  • The System trades during certain working hours when the market is most profitable!
  • The trading system uses a searching mechanism for the most concentrated prices in the market, it allows you to predict the behavior of the market.

Input parameters:

Magic Number:One different number for pair.

SL:Fixed Stop loss.

Autolot: Acived autolot for risk account.

Manual lot:Fixet Lot if autolot is false.

Risk:Lot for Risk Account if autolot is true.

Hour Init:Init Trade Zone. You must use the start time of your broker's European session

Hour End: End Trade Zone. You must use the closing time of the American session of your broker

Trailing Stop:Init of trailing.

Trailing Step: Step to Move Trailing.

Profit Trailing: Init trailing in profit.

------ This product is sold only on the MQL5-market. Sales at another site is illegal --------
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a successful trading.

it inspires me for further improvements of my Expert Advisors.

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