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RebateSystem reverse martingale ea download 1.9

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Rebate System - performs a large number of transactions with a minimum profit, which allows you to earn through rebate (return of part of the spread)
The basis of two grids (buy and sell), if one of them is in drawdown, the other can enter with an increased lot, keeping the account from drawdown
Has a news filter, allowing to avoid possible exposure to the nonreversible trend caused by the news.
Standard settings for EURUSD and a minimum deposit of 3000 base currency units (cent for cent accounts, $ for Classic accounts)

Setting the input settings​

  • StopAfterTP: When all grids have been closed, you can stop trading;
  • TF_FirstOrder - period to open the first orders of the grid;
  • TF_SeriesOrder - period to open the averaging orders;
  • Lot - the lot size;
  • DepoPer001Lot - automatic calculation of lot (specifies balance per unit 0.01 lot) (lot value from the Lots parameter is used if it is 0;
  • TakeProfit
  • StepNextOrder - minimum allowed distance between grid orders;
  • LotMultiply - the value by which the lot of the currently open order of the grid will be multiplied;
  • MaxTrades is the maximum order in the grid.
Parameters of Breakeven
  • BE - number series - number of order in the series, after which the stop loss will be set;
  • BE- Start after point- Number of points profit following which the stop-loss will be established;
  • BE - distance point - distance from Breakeven of the series, at which the stop loss is set.
Lock settings
  • Lock-number series-number of orders in the series. After that, the other network will increase the amount for locking.
  • Lock - % lots grid - percentage of locking, lot size in percent of the amount of the opposite network
  • Lock - max lot - maximum lot of the first lock order.
Close at drawdown
  • Close at drawdown, % - Closing at drawdown of the losing basket (Buy or Sell) on the current currency pair. It is disabled at 0
  • Stop after close at hour . - Pause for hours after activating Close at drawdown
Additional parameters
  • slippage - slippage;
  • MagicNumberSell- An ID number to sell;
  • MagicNumberBuy-ID number to purchase;
  • Second Timer to verify Take Profit and Stop Loss.
News Filter Settings
  • News Filter List with selectable values
    • High - filter news with high importance;
    • High
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