PS Tsunami EA MT5 forex hedge strategy

PS Tsunami EA MT5 forex hedge strategy 5.7

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This EA is safe and eliminates the potential for large drawdowns that are common in grid systems on the market. It delivers a better result than similar systems.
Signals and other products:
Unlike other systems and products for sale on the Market this one is not over-optimised and does not show 100% winning trades with no risk and almost no drawdown. It simply does not exist. If you compare the backtests with the live signals of those products you will understand what I am talking about. This EA behaves 100% as real.
This system does not use martingale and among its options is a system that closes all trades when a certain level of DD is reached.
EAs can simultaneously work with six forex pairs at once in one chart or window: EURAUD, EURGBP and EURUSD. It is crucial to know this because the EA can duplicate trades if it's placed in multiple windows.
It is also important that you have EURAUD, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD in the 'Market Watch' list.
The EA integrates all sets and the author does not need to share *.set files.
The EA does not need to be used in a particular TF (Timeframe), in order to function correctly in strategy testing or real trading. EA integrates the TF's from all strategies.


  • Pause EA: When 'OFF' the EA runs without interruption. The EA won't open any new trades and will not monitor the DD/TP/SL if it is 'ON". This is important to remember.
  • Many Method: Select the method in which you want the lots to be calculated.
  • Fixed Lot: Set the fixed lots in the option 'Fixed' and 'Fixed per 'X' Balance/Equity'.
  • Fixed Lot per 'X' Balance/Equity: Fixed lots multiplier according to Balance/Equity.
  • Percentage of Balance/Equity: The way in which the lots are chosen is very simple. ((Balance or Equity * Leverage * 0.01) * Percentage selected here)
  • DD Max. Mod: You can choose from a variety of behaviours once you have reached a specific DD.
  • DD Max. Value: Calculate the percentage of reduction required for any one of these behaviours to be effective.
  • Magic Number: Number assigned to trades opened by the EA to differentiate them from manual (discretionary) trading.
  • Suffix symbol: Type ".m" if your broker uses EURUSD.m
  • EURAUD can be used ON/OFF
  • Panel [OFF=Fast backtesting]: This panel displays a computer panel within the chart window. It can be turned off by the strategy tester to speed up backtesting.
  • Font panel: Choose the type of font.
  • Font panel: The font size for the panel.
  • Line Style: This style is for line styles (BE, TTP, SL, and the next grid level).
  • Line Width is the width of each line.
  • Line Color TP, SL, Grid and Breakeven.
  • Panel Comment [Max. Panel Comment [Max. 30 characters]: Customised panel commentary.
  • MQID(c), Push Notif. [DD/TP/SL]: Sends an automatic notification after reaching DD/TP/SL via the MetaTrader 5 mobile application.

Recommendations and minimum requirements​

  • Low spread broker: (Test the strategy tester. There is often a lot of difference between brokers due to spread, swaps...) I recommend IC Markets.
  • Minimum initial deposit: $300
  • Leverage: 500:1
  • Type of account: Hedging.
  • Use a VPS for the EA to work 24/7 (Mandatory).

Strategy Tester​

  • Use 'Every tick based on real ticks' (>99% quality).
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