Naked Trader by Capitarc Download hedging forex expert advisor

Naked Trader by Capitarc Download hedging forex expert advisor 1.0

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Our investment company uses Naked Trader as a professional advisor. It is based solely on price action. The product analyzes all price patterns and candles, as well as possible trend reversal formations, of ever-changing markets. While most experts only use one indicator, naked traders are available! Literally! Pun Indented!
FOREXSIGNALS employs a similar robot to handle their INTRADAY trades.
The expert can adapt to changing markets without having to optimize. Just make sure that you have the correct inputs to suit your trading style.
Naked Trader currently supports H4- XAUUSD. These screenshots show the results.
Based on your timeframe, the robot only works one per candlestick. Please optimize your inputs to suit your trading style. When a candle is engulfed, a hammer head appears, a pin-bar appears on confirmation of the support resistance areas, the robot initiates the trade!

Why choose NAKED TRADER (Expert Advisor)​

  • The advisor is suitable for both scalping and intraday trading.
  • It works best when used for longer periods of time.
  • Advisor is flexible to any time frame and currency.
  • The indicator uses a price action, make sure your broker is reliable.
  • The effectiveness of an expert in history can be evaluated.
  • The advisor trades are done strictly on the "Close of the bar".
  • You can use it as an independent tool for trading.
  • The advisor holds steady outcomes constantly trailing stops and steps if required.
  • Advisors manage risk flawlessly.
  • Advisors have an optimal operation algorithm that ensures the terminal doesn't "freeze."

Use NAKED TRADE MT5: Recommendations​

BuyStop: Orders pending are placed over an interval specified in the input value of pips. This is above the reverse candle.
SellStop: Orders pending are placed over an interval specified in the input value of pips.

Advisor inputs​

  • intervalPips = 50; // interval in pips for SL and Stop Order from the pattern forming engulfing bearish/bullish, Pin-Bar, Hammer Head etc
  • lotSize = 0.10 // Lot Size for position
  • MaxTrades = 20; //Maximum trades per symbol
  • AutoLot = true; // AutoLot (percent from a free margin)
  • Risk = 2; // Risk percent from a free margin 1% is 0.1 for 1000, 10% is 0.1 for 1000$
  • TakeProfit = 100; //Take Profit in pips
  • magic = 96231;
  • Slippage = 0, //Slippage
  • ExpDate = 0.01; //Expiration Time of the Order in Minutes
  • Bar1size = 100; //Size the previous bar of opposing direction
  • bar1sizeaspect = OpenClose; //Aspect to decide price levels High/Low or OpenClose
  • Comment = "This Is a NakedTrader Automotive Trade"
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