Legend Wall Street mt5 scalping ea forex

Legend Wall Street mt5 scalping ea forex 3.0

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Legend Wall Street finds anticipated market reversal zones using dynamic Fibo zones and then waits for a confirmation signal from maximum or minimum price levels. The advisor has the ability to close positions not only on Take Profit, but also on the level of the Fibo indicator. The Expert Advisor requires a hedge account type.
IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and a bonus!
Monitoring of real performance as well as my other developments can be seen here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller
Input parameters:
- Open new series - True/False - on/off start new series after closing all orders.
- Trade Buy - True/False - permission to start buy series.

- Trade Sell - True/False - Allow to start a series of sell.

- Manage manual orders - True/False - On/Off to enter manual orders.

- Use hedge - True/False - allows the EA to open positions in the opposite direction.

- Order Comment - comment on EA orders.

- Max spread (0-not use) - the maximum spread at which the EA is allowed to open and close positions.

- Start Hour - time when the EA starts working.
- End Hour - time when the EA stops working.

- Magic - number the Expert Advisor gives to its orders.

Max buy orders - maximum number of buy orders allowed.
- Max sell orders - the maximum number of sell orders allowed.
- Initial Lot - the starting lot.

- Autolot - True/False - use of an auto lot.

- Autolot size - the amount of money for which the start lot will be used.

- Lot multiplier - multiplier to increase the lot.

- Max Lot - maximum allowed lot.

- TP (0-not use) - take profit in pips.

- SL (0-not use) - stop loss in pips.

- Overlap last order - True/False - on/off - closing last order with first order.

- Overlap last order number - which order overlap last order will start working.
- Overlap percent - profit percentage when closing first order with last order.

- Pause between orders (min 0 - not use) - pause between orders opening in minutes.
Fix distance - distance between orders in points.

- Order dinamic distance - from which order in order dynamic distance will be used.

- Dynamic distance start - the starting distance between orders from which the increase will start.
- Distance multiplier - multiplier for dynamic distance.
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