Kalushibot Download Martingale EA

Kalushibot Download Martingale EA 1.0

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Kalushibot is able to work non-stop 24 hours per day, without any fatigue or doubt.

We want to find market behavior patterns, which could help identify favorable moments for performing trading operations. Also, we want to remove randomness and external influences such as news releases, fatigue and rumors.

We have monitored the charts and formulated formal rules, which enable objective analysis of price or tick charts.Price Action & Technical indicators help us facilitate such analysis.

We have developed rules, which would enable a trader to trade mechanically strictly following the system, without omitting entries. Because the signals of our trading system can be formally described, we entrust trading to an automated Expert Advisor (Kalushibot).
Follow our blog @ www.kalushibot.com for more details n the workings and build up of the Kalushibot.
Individual users of the bot , get to decide on their personal trading program. There are 4 options available being

1. Self Presevation program
2. Greed Structure Programm
3. Confident Trading Program
4. Enjoy the Program

We will keep you posted on more details
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