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HyperDragon Evolution is the next generation robot providing users a unique class of trading opportunity, combining higher profit factor with exceptional stability and superb win rate.
HyperDragon is a development and progression of the highly popular and DragonScalper which has years of live track record, its pedigree and longevity speaks for itself. (DragonScalper - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56167)
Monitor 1: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1640015
Alternative Monitor 1: myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade/hyperdragon-evo-1k/9683879
Live IC Monitor 2:
myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade/hyperdragon-evolution/9664711 (copy & paste link)
See my profile for all signals and systems: Seller - Gregory Hay - fxmanagedforexltd - Trader's profile (mql5.com)
All Systems Monitor: myfxbook.com/members/AlnoTrade (copy & paste link)
Hyper Dragon Evolution opens one (1) trade per day. It seeks to find a single exceptional trading opportunity on a daily basis. Hyper uses price level breakout trading with support and resistance at the forefront of its trading architecture. Hyper does not fall into trap of overtrading or chasing trades.
Every Trade uses a fixed stop and take profit of 20 pips. A trailing stop is deployed once trade reaches profit. Every trade is closed before the end of day US session. No trades are held overnight. System starts over again the next day with a fresh signal. It is a fully automated set and forget system which is 100% automated & hands free. System can handle news etc. Best used in conjunction with a VPS.
With a historical win rate of 77%, Hyper users have the option to use recovery mode or non recovery mode. It is profitable using both mechanisms. Recovery mode increases the next days trade by a factor of X2 after a loss day before, only to 2 levels. I.e If trade loss on monday at 0.1 lot, on tuesday it losses at 0.2 lot, on wednesday it will trade at 0.4 lots but not increase any further until a win is achieved whereby it resets then back to the 0.1 lot. Again, users can run on a fixed model should they wish. See backtest images below to compare both modes. This is not to be confused with martingale or grids where trades are stacked on top of each other without stops. See the difference below:
Control FunctionTypical MartingaleHyperDragon Recovery Factor
Stop loss and Take ProfitOpen ended loss, never uses stop loss on tradesAlways use Stop Loss on EVERY trade
LevelsInfinity, keeps adding on Top of trades until ruin or profitLimited to 2 Levels of increases (e.g 0.1 lot, 0.2 and 0.4 MAX)
Lot increase stepGets exponentially high after 5 or 6 levels until ruin or margin callStops increasing after 2 levels, easy to assess the "largest" lot risk
Equity CurveSpectacularly linear curve until it cliff edge drop.Clearly shows some loss days/weeks but will not cliff edge account
Number of Max Positions at Same TimeUnlimited, impossible to say, has no control on max trades1 Trade Per Day Max
HyperDragon Evolution is a variation of our leading and long standing product DragonScalper. It trades less often but with higher accuracy.
It requires leanest spread possible on your MT4 account, RAW/ECN/etc. (i.e Raw spread + commission) as opposed to standard accounts. Target spread is 1.0 in GBPJPY in the European session.
3 Year Backtest here: myfxbook.com/strategies/hyperdragon/336343 (copy & past link)
Contact me in PM with any questions.
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