Gridator MT5 fx hedging program

Gridator MT5 fx hedging program 1.12

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Grid Advisor and Grid Builder are the best interactive and flexible grid builders available.
Grid Advisor is for grid strategists who have extensive grid strategy experience and want to expand their knowledge.
Gridator can also be used for research purposes and to enhance your understanding of grid algorithms.
If you are not familiar with the risks associated trading in ForEx and grid strategies, please do not buy this product.
Version for MetaTrader4: MT4

What are you waiting for?​

The grid trading can be very profitable. However, grid trading comes with serious risks. The user often finds himself in difficult situations when orders have already been placed and there is no way out.
With the product, you can design the situation in advance, play with the price levels of the future orders, their volumes, change the distance between the levels, and see what the drawdown will be in each level, how many pips the grid can support, where the breakeven and take-profit levels are.
Gridator makes it possible to anticipate all risks and plan accordingly.

Gridator can be used as a dual-in-one system.
1. A graphical mesh builder that lets you develop new meshes interactively. It displays all the necessary information about each level, such as drawdown in money, breakeven level, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
2. The Expert Advisor - allows you to test the developed grid in the Strategy Tester on historical data or trade it on a live chart.

The graphical interface does not work in the Strategy Tester.


  • You can design any grid with flexibility or complexity. See what drawdowns are at each level. Also see how many pip the grid supports before you stop losing.
  • Ability to test any grid in the strategy tester
  • 3 built-in grid templates with different risk levels and aggressiveness. Can be used as a basis for new grids
  • Traders can modify the grid parameters while they trade.
  • Use these tools with confidence and code optimization. I use these tools myself with real money which is the best quality guarantee I can give
  • Synchronization of existing positions manually opened or made with Expert Advisors. These trades can be used by Gridator as grid start points
  • You can save to file, and then upload the file. Allows easy sharing of grid files with the community
  • You can set manually the price, lot size, stop loss or take profit in money or pips.
  • Gridator calculates the lot size automatically based on distance from Breakeven point of whole grid
  • If they're in money, the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels will be automatically calculated

Please be aware. I do not provide "magic set files", "secret broker recommendations" or any other recipes for getting rich quick. Trading tips are not offered by me.
I did the best I could while developing these tools so that the user has the most complete picture of possible risks before investing real money.
However, I urge everyone to post their results in the discussion section, including the most lucrative or robust nets.


  • Gridator ID # is the unique Expert Advisor ID and magic number. You must set a different value for each copy of the EA running in the same terminal on the same symbol.
  • Max Spread, points - the maximum allowed spread to open a new trade when the level is reached.
    • Choose the Grid Type You can choose from one of our built-in templates, or your own.
    • Allowed Trading Directions - permitted trade directions


    Gridator is designed for Hedge accounts only.

    Gridator will not work on the built-in MQ VPS. A VPS with desktop and GUI access is required.
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