Golden Ticket Pro Scalper scalping forex expert advisor

Golden Ticket Pro Scalper scalping forex expert advisor 1.6

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Welcome to the Golden Ticket Pro EA Family.
MUST HAVE A METATRADER 5 ACCOUNT TO USE THIS EA. Before you make your purchase, please verify your account details.
Golden Ticket Pro Scalper is a conceptually new expert advisor that utilizes mean reversion to determine entry points.

The trading system is multicurrency and can be traded on many pairs! Setting recommendations can be found in the Telegram group [HERE]
This trading system is suitable for all trading levels, beginners through experienced traders.
Golden Ticket Pro Scalper REQUIRES a ****HEDGING ACCOUNT**** and works with all brokers, however, preferred brokers will have low spread and VPS with minimal ping.
Telegram group members can share optimization and currency pair recommendations. Feel free to contact me there.
Telegram Group can be found [HERE]


Start Lot Value: Start lot value​

Magic Number: special number assigned to all EAs for execution

First/Last Time (in Hours): Start and end times for the system. Friday logic is designed to prevent the system sending any new trades within 2.5 hours of market close. The system will continue to manage any open trades after that time.​

Strategy Style: Allows you to take ALL Trades, Long Only (buys), or Short Only (sells), PAUSE New Trades will only manage trades open, OFF will stop the system from running and managing trades. . You must have a HEDGING ACCOUNT to use the system.​

Dark Mode: Day time/Night-time trading settings​

Show Buttons Show/Remove ClOSE BUY/CLOSE SALES/CLOSE ALL Buttons at the upper left corner

System Timeframe Allows you to run the system in a shorter chart time frame (1 minute/5min/15min), while still running the trigger events/indicators at the same time or a longer time frame​

Standard Deviation Period/Shift/Method Inputs to the volatility indicator​

Minimum Standard Deviation level - Criteria for determining the minimum width of the standard deviation required to trigger activation​

Use Inside Bar Logic by Use Morning/Evening Star LogicCriteria used for determining which price action sequences are needed to determine market turning points​

Max Allowable CCY Spread: Max Spread per Currency​

Max Positions: Total number of allowed positions (both buys and sells) for any currency pair/Gold​

Max Lot Size: Maximum lot size permitted by the system in any single trade. Cumulative lot size can be greater than this value​

Distance Total distance in pips between each position that the system places​

Use Draw Down Reduction: Turn the draw down reduction system on or off
DD Reduction Trade Number: built-in draw down reduction system that is triggered after this order number.

DD Reduction Percent: Percentage of recovery required to reduce system exposure.​

Lot Multiplier - This is used to determine lot size when orders are added by system​

Take Profit The amount of pips that each trade in the system aims to target.​

Order Size Method/Strategy: Used to determine which order size strategy the EA will use. Method A is the original strategy from version 1.0 (proprietary strategy using lot multiplier) Method B is a hybrid strategy that combines using the lot multiplier (through order 10) and linear progression (previous lot size + .01) Method C is simple linear progression (previous lot size + .01) Method D uses the lot multiplier (previous lot size * lot multiplier)​

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