GOLD Trader EA MT5 hedging forex expert advisor

GOLD Trader EA MT5 hedging forex expert advisor 1.2

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GOLD Trader EAis a scalper with a safety mechanism attached to it, so basically it does scalping based on a scalping strategy but in case the position starts to go in drawdown, the safety mechanism gets activated and averages the position to get out of drawdown by using martingale method. EA scalp trading is usually correct, so the safety mechanism's use isn't very important. This makes it safe and high-profitable.
The optimization of this version does not include hedging. Most brokers in USA do not permit hedging. This optimizes the EA for gold only and increases profitability.
Broker is recommended for this EA
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How To Use The Expert

The EA works 24x5 while you're asleep or in the event of a new, so set it up according to how big your account is and you can get it to start working
Account Settings:
For Account Size $1,000 set the parameters as follows -
MM_Position_Sizing : 100,000

The following parameters are required for Account Size 10,000 :
MM_Position_Sizing : 100,000


  • Working symbol XAUUSD or GOLD
  • Working Timeframe: M15
  • Min deposit: $1000 or Cent Account
  • Min leverage 1:500


  • Not sensitive to broker conditions
  • Easy to install
  • FIFO compatible
  • FTMO
  • Scalper robot
  • Can work during "High News" times
  • Re-testable
  • Extremely simple settings to use


  • Magic_Number
  • MM_PositionSizing : 100,000 (EA calculates lot size based on balance, on a balance on $10,000 EA will take 1 lot so similarly on 1,00,000 EA will take 0.10 lot, set according to your account size only)

Key Points:
  • Please be mindful of the potential risks when purchasing GOLD Trader EA.
  • Past performances are not a guarantee of future profits (EA may also experience losses).
  • The back-tests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cannot be transferred to live trading.
  • VPS strongly recommended. A laptop/computer that works 24x5
After renting or purchasing this EA make sure you contact me, highly recommended.
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