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We are pleased to introduce you to Gold Baum, an Expert Advisor. We started with Arbor a few months ago and this time we took it to a whole different level. After getting positive results of our custom made indicators, we've been able to see that market scanning algorithms work well. We combined the indicators with our Neural networks, which we have been working on over the past year. The results are incredible and I'm pleased to share them with you in the backtesting screenshot below. For the moment our algorithms have been trained to trade XAUUSD specifically because even though gold is highly volatile, our indicators show great potential while trading this commodity. Gold Baum Pro uses both normal and renko charts. On top of it, it also uses a range bar chart so overall it has implemented 3 very different strategies which combined together provide spectacular results.
How does it work?
  • To find out the best entries for both long and short trades, the Neural Network was trained using a regular XAUUSD chart. It uses short term and intraday strategies with high probability of win rate and a great risk reward ratio.
  • Scanning algorithms use a regular chart to search for the right entries as well as our custom made renko charts (renko chart maker is included with the expert no need for extra tools for live trading but for backtest you have to run our GoldBaum ToolKit once).
  • Neural Network uses range bar chart to to find the best possible entries.
  1. Add the necessary URL to the list of allowed URLs in your terminal properties (follow the instructions from tutorial video below)
  2. Run Gold Baum Pro chart XAUUSD (or GOLD). Timeframe irrelevant
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