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Gainer hedging fx exposure 2.61

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Trading logic for the Expert Advisor: Return to the average trading within the range. Instruments - the major currencies and their crosses.

Currency pairs. EURGBP, EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, EURJPY, USDCAD. These symbols can now be optimized by the Expert Advisor.

Timeframe. Because M15 is the signal detection unit, Expert Advisors should be set to M15. Some trades might be overlooked when working in longer timeframes.

Server time settings. " Winter UTC offset hours" is a server time shift during winter. "Winter/summer changes schedule" - whether the time is switched from winter to summer, if so, by which schedule. The default settings are correct for most brokers, they are UTC 2 in winter and UTC 3 in summer. The settings only need to be set once, and they do not need to be changed twice a year, the Expert Advisor will handle everything correctly by itself. The bectests of different brokers will look the same in summer as in winter.

Risks. Lot calculation is set by parameters Money management, Value for Money management - fixed lot, fixed risk per trade, or fixed volume per 1000 equity. Max simultaneous trades allowed sets the maximum number of transactions. Most of the time, the Expert Advisor keeps no more than 2-3 trades, and this parameter allows to explicitly limit the risk.

Install the Expert Advisor on M15 of one of the recommended currency pairs, set the server time and lot. You don't need to modify any other settings. The Expert Advisor is ready to trade.

Spread Control. Set by the settings "Enable spread control", "Max allowed spread". The Expert Advisor won't trade when the spread is greater than the Maximum allowed spread when the setting "Enable Spread Control" has been enabled. The spread is set in points or in percentage (setting "Spread unit"). The trades will not be missed on the recommended pairs at default settings on the calm market, but the Expert Advisor will suspend the trade at high non-test spreads.

Stops and Profits. " Stop Loss Value", Take Profit Value - Initial stop-loss or take-profit. Set in points or in percentage ("Unit" setting). The Expert Advisor is optimized on the default settings, you can select other settings if you want.

Breakeven. You can enable it by setting " Allow brekeven" If enabled, the stop will move to the level where the number of points is set (e.g. Profit To Save, pips). Breakeven in the Expert Advisor is automatically disabled.

Trail. You can enable it by setting " Allow trail". If enabled, the distance between current price and stop level will be checked at profit in point " Profit trigger". If the distance is higher than the value of "Trail distance, pips", the stop is moved to a new level. The setting "Trail step, pips" sets the minimum step (the difference between the current and the new stop level). Trail is disallowed by default, just like Breakeven.

Testing. The Expert Advisor closes the candle. Testing can be done in the "Open prices only" mode - it is much faster than the "All ticks" mode with almost identical results.

Real returns from the past do not guarantee future results. Risk calculation should not be based on test results. The lower the risks, the higher the possible profit. By default, the Expert Advisor can open several trades, so a fixed risk per trade in the range of 0.3-3% is sufficient for real trading.

Support. All questions regarding the Expert Advisor will be answered by me. I will help with installation and configuration. Write here in private messages.
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