Fundamental Robot MT5 best trending forex ea

Fundamental Robot MT5 best trending forex ea 1.5

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Fundamental Robot is an Expert Advisor that uses Fundamental Signals indicator. The Fundamental Signals Indicator has a powerful calculation engine that can predict market movement over 30000 points. The indicator is named fundamental because it can predict trends with large movements, no complicated inputs and low risk.
The EA works with low margin levels and thus has low risk.

Using EA:

It is easy to use the EA without any complicated input parameters.
These must be the main parameters:

  • General Options
    • Time Frame
    • Sensitivity: The Sensitivity to Trend Changes - High, Medium or Low.
    • Minimum Distance to Open New Position
    • You can limit the number of positions with : nothing Don't Limit / with Current Symbol / with Current Magic Number / All Positions on Account
    • Maximum Number of Positions
    • Trade Type : Only Long / Only Short / Long and Short / Long or Short
    • Don't Open
    • Maximum Spread to Open Position
    • The Magic Number
    • Display Panel on Chart
  • Closing Positions
    • Profit
    • Action for in-Loss Positions : Wait for TP / Stop Loss / Averaging - Multiply Volumes / Averaging - Add Volumes
    • Close Positions in Signal Reversal: Never/Only With Profit/All the Time
    • Stop Loss
    • Average Distance
    • Averaging Volume Multiplier
    • Averaging Volume Add
    • Averaging Maximum Volume Per Trade
    • Averaging Maximum Number of Trades
    • Use (Spread), Max Pos,News and Stop) Filters for Averaging Positions
  • Volume
    • Volume Calculation Method: Fixed Lots/Dynamic Lots Based on Balance/Equity/Free Margin/Risk Percent Based on Balance/Equity/Free Margin
    • Fixed Lots
    • Lots Per 1000 Balance/Equity/FreeMargin
    • Risk Percentage of Balance/Equity/FreeMargin
    • Maximum Volume Per Trade
    • Minimum Volume Per Trade
  • Stopping / Even
    • Trailing Stop Loss
    • Trailing Start
    • The Trailing Stop
    • The Trailing Step
    • Break Even
    • Activate Break Even After Loss
  • Date and Time Filter
    • You have the option to set different time filters each day
  • News Filter Inputs
    • Block Trading During Low Impact News
    • Minutes Before Low Impact News
    • Minutes After Low Impact News
    • Block Trading During Medium Impact News
    • Minutes Before Medium Impact News
    • Minutes After Medium Impact News
    • High Impact News: Block trading during high impact news
    • Minutes before High Impact News
    • Minutes after High Impact News
  • Notifications
    • Add Account Number
    • Incorporate Trading Symbol
    • Include TimeFrame
    • Text to Include on Notifications
    • Show PopUp Alerts
    • Send Push Notifications to the Mobile Terminals
    • Send Telegram Messages ( Setup Telegram Notifications

Optimizing EA :
The EA does not require optimization of Signal Producing Engine. Optimization needs only for averaging/trailing stop/break even ...
Important Update optimization every 1-2 months.
Optimization of EA is so fast and easy. We recommend below Optimization inputs. You can choose to optimize other fields.
  • Time Frame : H1 to D1
  • Profit: 300- 2100 Step 300
  • Averaging Distance : 1000 to 7000 step 1000
  • Averaging Volume Multiplier : 2 to 5 step 1
  • Show Panel On Chart : false for faster testing.
  • All other settings : Default Values.
* All above values are for 5-digit accounts. For 4-digit accounts use 0.1X of above values.

  • Optimizing with constant volume is a good option to maximize profit and minimize drawdowns. You can then change the volume calculation and perform a single test.
  • Optimizing Custom Parameter is a good idea.
  • You can run EA on several charts and symbols. Try to use different Magic Number input for each chart.
  • EA works on Hedge accounts.
  • Setup News Filter to enable News Filter

Contact us if you need assistance with the EA.
Check out our Indicators, Experts and other utilities. Here .
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