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ExitFromLock forex hedging vs netting 1.52

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The Expert Advisor is designed to work on Hedge accounts.
This Expert Advisor's main purpose is to help you avoid the drawdown that can occur when risky strategies are used. This Expert Advisor can work with full locking or without it.
This Expert Advisor does not open trades by itself, except for the locking position. This Expert Advisor uses the profits from other Expert Advisors as a way to close lost orders. It also accumulates results from closed profitable trades within a buffer. Other Expert Advisors can be run on any instrument available in the terminal - either on the current instrument, which has experienced a drawdown, or on any other instrument. You can adjust the settings to make sure that the work is done in the most effective and efficient way.
It also closes any positions that are not profitable at the exit. When full locking is turned on, it keeps the locational balance. There are 26 algorithm options available (and more will be in the future), which allow for overlapping and profit trailing. This allows for the best reduction of losses. There are many types of alarms. The lock function can be automatically disclosed.
The robot in the settings can be quite complicated, the detailed description of possible scenarios of use will be published in the blog.
While the Expert Advisor does not open new deals itself except for locking, it works in the Strategy Tester in a special demo mode, which consists of three steps:
  1. Open the first deal.
  2. If the deal went down in the negative, the full locking is triggered.
  3. It is very easy to trigger the Expert Advisor - it creates a grid that generates profits which can be used to close locked positions.
When testing in the visual mode, you can check all the functions available from the EA Control Panel.
The EA can also be used in an automatic mode to access the VPS servers at Metaqutes. The settings will specify the appropriate work scenario in this instance.
Settings description in the blog
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