EA Golden Elephant MT5 Review Maringale EA

EA Golden Elephant MT5 Review Maringale EA 7.7

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✅ The Expert Advisor cannot be tested on history due to the complex algorithm of actions for calculating volumes​

The intelligent algorithm of EA Golden Elephant
accurately determines the trend for the XAUUSD (Gold) trading pair, filters out market noise and generates entry and exit signals.
The Expert Advisor has aggressive management and trading methods, which allows you to get big profits in a short period of time

Setting Available post in the advisor discussion #1
The settings are designed for a minimum deposit of $ 500 Trading timeframe- M1

• Minimum deposit 500 $ (per trading pair)
• Broker with minimal slippage.
any type of account
• Leverage 1: 500 or higher

Expert advisor settings:

Periods Super Trend - period for defining a trend
Multiplier Super Trend - strength of a trend
Period - an additional filter defining a trend
Divisor ("speed") - frequency rate of trend change
Indent after News
Indent before News
light news
medium news
hard news
Draw lines on the chart
Draw only the future of news line
Signals on the upcoming news
Filter Time
Filter MultiTrend - trend signal filter for different timeframes

EA Money Management Strategy 👉 for maximum safety and long-term profitability:
Example: your capital is $ 1 000.
✅ Divide the available capital into 4 parts and invest 1/4 of them into the account.
✅ Keep 3/4 of your reserve funds in your personal account in your personal account.
✅ Withdraw profits every Friday after all transactions are completed.
✅ After each withdrawal, divide all the capital you have (reserve funds + active funds + withdrawn funds) into 4 parts and start over from 1/4.
✅ When the loss of the deposit occurs (happens at some point), do not panic, divide the rest of the capital (reserve funds + trading funds) into 4 parts and start again from 1/4.
✅ Repeat this process and you will be profitable.
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