Daily Forex Signals MT5 trendy forex

Daily Forex Signals MT5 trendy forex 1.2

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If you are looking for a EA can Auto Trading and not send Signals to yours Telegram Chanel. DO NOT MISS IT​

The Expert Advisor works on a linear regression channel. The Expert Advisor trades from the channel borders, stop-loss and 2 take-profit levels with partial closing of orders are used for closing. This chart shows information on profit as well as the regression channel. Only when there is a new bar, the channel values can be recalculated.

Min deposit: 200$
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  • PERIOD The number of bars used in calculation
  • COEFFICIENT - coefficient for calculating channel boundaries;
  • DEGREE - channel construction type;
  • MIN_CHANNEL_WIDTH Minimum channel width to enter a trade
  • TIMEFRAME_ATR, PERIOD_ATR: The time period in which ATR values are used to determine the average amount of aolatility.
  • RISK_PER_TRADE: Risk per trade, If = 0, then LOTS will be used.
  • LOTS - trade lot if RISK_PER_TRADE = 0;
  • ENTRY_PCT, STOPLOSS_PCT, TAKEPROFIT1_PCT, and TAKEPROFIT2_PCT are trade entry/exit levels. These values are specified in a percentage of the channel width.


  1. Tools -> Settings -> Advisers -> Allow WebRequest for the following URLs (Add URL: https://api.telegram.org);
  2. Make your bot on Telegram @BotFather . Remember Token, it looks something like this - 1325027157:AAEBQW4qQprG1ucv-J64r8ZrQMhSlrkkoLY;
  3. Create your channel and make it public;
  4. Add a bot to your channel and make it an administrator. Write any first message, for example, "HELLO WORLD!";
  5. Follow the link: https://api.telegram.org/bot[BOTA TOKEN 022/[email protected]>USERNAME_CHANNEL 022&text=test. In my case, this is: https://api.telegram.org/[email protected]_signals_daily&text=test
  6. After clicking on the link, the channel ID will be displayed, it will look something like this: -1001210833776 (13 digits), remember it.
  7. Enter the channel identification number in the advisor settings.
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