Advance Trends Intellegence auto cash forex scalping ea

Advance Trends Intellegence auto cash forex scalping ea 1.0

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Advance Trend Intellegence EAis Powefull Expert Advisor base on trend following strategy.
This expert uses advanced dynamical algorithms to determine market trends.
With this EA orders that are made accurate entry orders in the market in tune with the trend signal.
This EA has a strong performance and has been tested for more than one year with real ticks history data.

Although this EA can be use on any pairs, but please Use this EA on EURUSD Pair at M15 timeframe. Account type: HEDGE.
Advance Trends In Intellegence EA design EURUSD pair

  • Use Advance Trends Intellegence EA on Good Broker with Low Spread, Low Stoplevel, and Low Slippages
  • You can start to trade with $ 300 Minimum initial Deposit
  • Leverage of 1:500 is the recommended account ratio
  • VPS Hosting 24/7 is highly recommended.

  • Stoploss = 80; stoploss the order, 80 is 80 pips.
  • AutoLots = true; True if you want EA Auto Calculate Lotsize.
  • Risk=0.2; Risk for Calculate lotsize if using autolots.
  • FixLots=0.01 for lotsize, while autolots are set to false.
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