PS Tsunami EA MT5 forex hedge strategy

Hedging EA PS Tsunami EA MT5 forex hedge strategy 5.7

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A hedging EA is an Expert Advisor that is used to trade in a risk-averse manner. This type of EA typically uses a martingale or similar money management technique to trade with a safety net.A hedging EA can be a useful tool for traders who want to minimize their risk. However, it is important to remember that this type of EA can also lead to losses if the market moves against the trader.

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PS Tsunami EA MT5 forex hedge strategy - This EA is safe and eliminates the potential for large drawdowns that are common in grid

This EA is safe and eliminates the potential for large drawdowns that are common in grid systems on the market. It delivers a better result than similar systems.
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Unlike other systems and products for sale on the Market this one is not over-optimised and does not show 100% winning trades with no risk and almost no drawdown. It simply does not exist. If you compare the backtests with the live...

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Before buying, I tested the EA with strategy tester. Then I put the EA live on a demo account, before moving it to my actual account. In all cases i have been happy with the trading results and also with any communication from the author. His back-testing and setting the correct settings has been a great help. This EA is of high quality and I highly recommend it. REVIEW UPDATED AUGUST 2021 - Still using this EA on multiple accounts with much success. Since I starting using multiple sets in January this has provided consistent monthly growth. It is a great product and I recommend it highly. Many thanks to the Author for creating this! REVIEW UPDATED APRIL 2022 - I continue to make good profit with this EA. Still very well supported. You can join the private discussion group once you have purchased the product to get assistance with EA, VPS and broker settings.


Ea is a fantastic agent. It makes great profits and takes little risk. Miguel is available for any questions or after-sales assistance. He also responds to customer requests for updates. Keep up the great work. Update 3rd August: I have been using the ea since its release. Even with a low account lot size, the results still look impressive. This is despite the fact that there's a manageable risk. The live results are comparable to the results from the backtest. Miguel's support and his constant work on the ea are a major factor in making the ea a success. Two thumbs up. Miguel, thank you!


As a beginner i was nervous at first but Miguel and the community provided me with valuable knowledge on how to safely get the most of this great EA. Recommend!


The EA has been backtested on various brokers using 99-100% tick data. Demo trading was then performed. I have now verified that this product is 5* and the author's service is. The demo/live trade statistics coincide with backtesting. Next to the broker's data, which remain sometimes a bit unclear in terms of reliablity, I used exported Tickstory Dukascopy data for more reliable testing, too. I've already mentioned that there is no way for the author to evaluate the EAs before 2016, since the EA was programmed not to trade after that date. The risk of unfavorable market conditions causing the EA to trade excessively high volumes would be a good indicator. Traders might want to keep in mind that the DD of averaging concepts increase via exponential law. If there is a contant lot and the trades are spaced at the same price distance (n), DD=price differential between the 2 trades *n/2 *(n+1). Ex: A DD of 2.5*6=15x greater than one trade that is in loss, simply by changing the price spacing. With 8 trades, you get already 36 times, with 10 you get 55 times. You should always test your limit on how much money you can afford to risk. Don't be too happy with the steady stream of winning trade cycles. Instead, use the EA to make an investment and to earn steady income.


Al ser novato no sabia si hacia bien al adquirir este ea, pero los consejos y la atencion y soporte de miguel angel es increible. Es totalmente seguro y muy recomendable. Grandisimo trabajo! !