1. Best Forex Ea

    Gold Digger EA MT5 hedge fx risk 1.9

    (USE SET FILES TO SET THE SETTINGS AUTOMATICALLY) GOLD Digger EA is a scalper EA which uses a highly profitable gold scalping technique, it always trades at night so trades will be taken automatically while you sleep. Every trade is subject to a fixed, hard-to-reach Stop Loss and a profit...
  2. Best Forex Ea

    Loss Recovery Trader MT5 hedge fx risk 12.0

    Robots attempt to stop losing trades. If a trade moves in a losing direction, the Zone Recovery algorithm is triggered. Two price levels determine the initial point of an order of sales and purchases. For each of the two trades there are two exit points (higher and lower). All trades are closed...
  3. Scalping Fx Bot

    SAWA Pyramid EA hedge fx risk 1.5

    El robot utiliza una valoracion del beneficio sobre el tiempo del una posicion multiple formada por un triangulo. #Multicurrency #Hedging #Martingale #28Symbols @AUD @CAD @CHF @JPY @NZD @USD @EUR @GBP Pyramid is built on the same foundation as Black Box-Alpha. It uses the exact same structure...
  4. Best Forex Ea

    Double Grid Pro hedge fx risk 1.1

    The Expert Advisor trades using the Fractals indicator signal and smart averaging. Position volume calculations are also used. Double Grid Pro, unlike other grid advisors opens average positions only on signals. This is where the Fractals indicator proves to be most useful. The Expert Advisor...
  5. F

    Currency Risk Calculator Realtime Review Maringale EA 1.0

    Risk Calculator is a panel for order size calculation according to stop loss and allowed risk per trade. The calculation is performed for the symbol the expert is launched at. Risk Calculator tells you how many cost to trade based on: Given stop-loss take-profit levels for "Instant Execution"...