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    ThanosAlgotrade mt5 martingale ea 1.0

    ThanosAlgotrade can help you make steady profits for a long time with an automated trading system. Does not require manual intervention. Designed to work in the terminal MT5 on accounts of the "hedge" type. An Expert Advisor must be set on the chart of the currency pair EURUSD on time frame M1...
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    Universal MT5 MACD buy sell martingale ea 1.0

    MACD trading bot This simplified trading robot uses one strategy for entry (the extended version includes more than 10). Employer Benefits Scalping, Martingale, grid trading. This drawdown recovery method covers losing orders, and protects the remaining Trade Openings Filters...
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    RSI Sniper MT5 Download Martingale EA 2.10

    RSI Sniper EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that handles two strategies simultaneously with its unique style. This EA uses RSI Indicator and Martingale based strategies in MetaTrader 5. The default settings are for illustration and are not necessarily optimal. Use the settings that suit...
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    Kalushibot Download Martingale EA 1.0

    Abstract Kalushibot is able to work non-stop 24 hours per day, without any fatigue or doubt. We want to find market behavior patterns, which could help identify favorable moments for performing trading operations. Also, we want to remove randomness and external influences such as news releases...
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    DYJ MacdSto EA Download Martingale EA 1.3

    DYJ MacdSto EA uses MACD and Stochastic indicators to find signals. Signals to buy are generated if the MACD line crosses over the SIGNAL line in the negative area below the MACD open level, and when Stochastic has crossed zoneBuy downwards, reached zoneBuy and then crossed back up through...