1. Profitable Fx Ea

    DuosClassic2 forex hedged usd 1.14

    Eto polnost'iu avtomatizirovannaia sistema, otslezhivaiushchaia trend i urovni. Voznikli voprosy ili predlozheniia po uluchsheniiu? - Sviazhites' so mnoi! O strategii: Dlia kazhdogo treidera: eta torgovaia sistema podkhodit kak dlia opytnykh treiderov, tak i dlia novichkov. 100% test...
  2. Profitable Fx Ea

    Yggdrasil MT5 forex hedged usd 1.0

    Yggdrasil is a fully automated hedging system. An EA can open orders in either direction for the selected pairs. The EA does not trade currency pairs individually. All trades are included in the overall system. With the profit available, the algorithm closes unprofitable trades. It prevents...
  3. F

    MarketMakerMT5 forex hedged usd 1.0

    Automate supply and demand trading. Create the market. The popular demand and supply indicator, which everyone copies and sells, inspired this EA. The advisor continues to trade and hedge, shaping the market. You can also trade in non-hedge accounts. It is important to evaluate risks, use time...