1. Scalping Fx Bot

    HFTi Expansion Fibo forex hedge fund manager 5.4

    Novo HFTi Expansion Fibo 5.4 Uma tecnica automatizada baseada em expansao de Fibonacci. Setup aprovado no Mini-Indice Ibovespa (Bolsa brasileira B3-BMF). Quem e a HFT Investimentos? Compromisso com a qualidade e seguranca. A HFT Investimentos e uma empresa de desenvolvimento de Software (Robo)...
  2. Profitable Fx Ea

    Fibomoku Channel X forex hedge fund manager 2.0

    -FIBOMOKU CHANNEL X- Unique compatibility of the Ichimoku indicator with Fibonacci, ADX and Ragression channels. There is a great effort. Select the strategy that you like and then apply it. It's just the beginning. Every week, I will improve. FIBOMOKU has new strategies. You will love it...
  3. Best Forex Ea

    Speedy EA MT5 forex hedge fund manager 2.0

    Review Live Trading results: MT4 Version: Trading using Experts are the best ways to win in Forex! You can set and forget with our second Expert Advisor. Timeframe: M1 The EA will accept all...
  4. Best Forex Ea

    Multifarious forex hedge fund manager 2.1

    ONLY HEDGING ACCOUNTS! ! DO NOT USE DEFAULT SETTINGS! ! Multifarious is a multiple strategy trading robot. With 9 indicators, 82 possible trading strategies your possibilities are endless. These indicators can be used individually or together. Bollinger Bands Moving averages Stochastics RSI...
  5. F

    Gold Miner MT5 forex hedge fund manager 3.0

    Gold Miner MT5 strategy is based on the search for areas of concentration of prices of large buyers and sellers. In such zones, short-term trends are usually generated. Although this is an EA grid, the ability to resist large drawsdowns and to recover accounts is due to the function of...