Zoll bots 04 trending forex robot

Zoll bots 04 trending forex robot 1.1

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Zoll Bot is a market-oriented trend following strategy. It does not trade frequently!
Supported currency pair: GBPJPY
Recommended timeframe: H4
EA is FIFO compatible
EAs do not employ grid or martingale, and each trade is protected by stop-loss!
Please note that each market requires a different setting. Our mission is to create top-quality and unique trading tools for the Meta Trader terminal, without hype or false promises.


  • Easy to use and supervise
  • Chart buttons make it easy to trade
  • Position management fully customizable
  • Pre-calculated and controlled risk exposure
  • Implements many automated entry strategies
  • Micro accounts for trades starting at $200
  • Filter trading by day of week
To avoid any recovery, the initial trade is handled independently.
  • The EA first tries to achieve break-even in order to preserve capital.
  • The EA also applies a configurable trailing profit and stop.
  • The EA will perform a recovery if the trade is in negative.
You can adjust the Risk Control process to suit your needs. Lot-sizes and spacing can be adjusted from one trade block to another.

How do you get started?​

  1. Load the EA to any chart and timeframe
  2. Change the settings to make the risk acceptable
  3. Use the chart buttons to trade or create an entry strategy
  4. The EA will handle your trades and make a profit.
  5. Repeat!

Useful Tips​

  • Trade the EA using the chart buttons and load the EA
  • Do not trade other EAs in the same symbol
  • Only one trade is allowed per symbol.
  • The EA can trade many symbols independently at the same time
  • Be careful not to load the EA on the same symbol twice.
  • To trade symbols, there is no need for a separate Magic Number
  • Trade from a VPS or leave your trading computer turned on 24/5
  • Try to never unload the EA to assure the atomicity of the process
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