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Walking Steps EA, a scalping Expert Advisor that works in volatile markets, is designed. It is suitable for working with any brokers, including American brokers, requiring FIFO to close primarily previously opened transactions. Each order is accompanied with a virtual stop loss, take profit and breakeven function. The chart displays information on the speed of order execution and slippage. Advisor doesn't use grid or martingale. Advisor does not use martingale or grid. The EA is independent of the timeframe. Only price and time are considered in calculations.

Recommend ECN Broker with LOW SPREAD: IC Market. Exness. NordFX. FXPRIMUS. Alpari. FXTM


  1. Before using on real money, test the adviser with minimal risk on a cent trading account;
  2. GBPUSD and USDCAD are the most stable pairs that can be used for work.
  3. Minimum deposit - $ 100 per 0.01 lots;

This advisor offers protection​

  1. If the EA loses trades in excess of the set value, the EA will cease to operate.
  2. If the broker uses the plugin and deliberately slows down the execution of transactions, the adviser will automatically stop trading.
  3. If the slippage exceeds the maximum value that you have specified, the EA will stop trading immediately.
  4. The EA will stop trading if the profit or loss is equal to the specified maximum values.


  • MAGIC_NUMBER - magic number of the transaction;
  • COMMENT - advisor comments in the order;
  • TIMER_SECONDS - the number of seconds to measure the speed of price movement;
  • PRICE_DISTANCE - extreme price increase in pips for N seconds to enter the market
  • MAX_OPEN_ORDERS - the maximum number of simultaneously open orders for one trading instrument;
  • MAX_SLIPPAGE - maximum slippage when opening a deal;
  • COMMISSION_CONTROL - If the broker charges a transaction fee set the flag "COMMISSION_CONTROL" = true. The adviser will open an immediate deal with a minimal lot for each symbol to check the commission. Do not be alarmed. It will only happen once.
  • COMMISSION_PER_LOT - or you can set the commission size manually, then the adviser will take this value into account when opening and closing orders, set as a commission for 1 lot;
  • MAX_SPREAD - maximum spread when opening a deal;
  • MIN_OPENING_INTERVAL - minimum interval between opening new orders in seconds;
  • CLOSE_ORDER_DELAY - minimum transaction duration in seconds;
  • TAKEPROFIT - Take profit in pip;
  • STOPLOSS - stop loss in pips;
  • USE_BREAKEVEN - use breakeven of open positions;
  • BREAKEVEN_START - Profit in pips. After that, the stop loss will be set to breakeven + BREAKEVEN_PROFIT pips.
  • BREAKEVEN_PROFIT - the number of profit points when closing orders at the breakeven level;
  • USE_TRAILING Use a virtual trailing end. If USE_BREAKEVEN is true then the trailing end will only start working when the stop loss has been set to breakeven plus BREAKEVEN_PROFIT pips.
  • TRAINING_STEP The step in which the trailing stop is in pips and remains for price movements after modifying the stop loss is in points
  • TRAILING_STOP The trailing stop size in pips by which fixed profit will vary is determined in points
  • RISK_PERCENT Calculation of trading lots based on trade risk. If = 0, then not used;
  • FROM_BALANCE - Calculation of trading lots from the balance. Formula: Balance / FROM_BALANCE * LOTS. If = 0, then not used;
  • LOTS - fixed lot if RISK_PERCENT = 0 and FROM_BALANCE = 0;
  • MAX_LOTS - maximum lot;
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