VolatilityexpertEA forex breakout strategy

VolatilityexpertEA forex breakout strategy 1.0

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This EA was created for Volatility and Step Index.
which are famous as ( BOOM & CRASH markets) .

This Ea have several inputs that i though should be talk upon ->

Equity_profit_ = 20 // Start the EA again after you have made $ profits
Equity_loss_ = 20, // Start the EA again after $ Loss
EA_close_Minutes_dollor_profit = 0; // This much minutes to stop EA after profit
EA_close_Minutes_dollor_loss = 0; // This much minutes to stop EA after Loss

Buy_trade = true;
Sell_trade = true;
(These 2 are self explanatory really)

Double BUFFER = 0. // This can be varied between 0 and 10.

// If stop loss is required, SL_Need = false
SL is for BUY trade -> Low of previous candle
SL will be for SELL trade -> (High of previous candle)
We also have an alternative Stop-loss for Total Trades, the Equity Dollar Stop-loss.

EA closes all trades when the profit is too high
4. Profit
Loss = -2 ; // Total LOSS of all open trades

EA closing Every trade that reaches this amount of open profit ->
Minimun_profit = 0.5; // Profit of Per open trade only

I hope this will be fine and usable by all of you guys
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