Violence Great Wall ss arbitrage ea review

Violence Great Wall ss arbitrage ea review 1.0

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Violence Great Wall is an MT5 smart trading robot. This robot takes into consideration the pressure and price support, provides accurate forecasting and an opening and stop-loss position.
The main trading variety is gold! To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you provide funds above 3000 dollars, and leverage above 1:500.
The position opening is extremely accurate, but due to the complexity of position opening factors, we must keep EA running stably for a long time.
The following figure shows the profit from opening positions. Multiple factors are combined with multiple cycles. At the same time, there are certain factors of the cloth belt indicator. The cloth belt indicator can be changed at will. The cloth belt indicator can be customized to meet individual profit goals. Users can also not change it. The EA can also place orders quickly and accurately, and make a large profit once it has reached a market.
This EA only has the operation right on MT5, and does not provide the operation of other third-party software.
In case of strong fluctuation, it is recommended that you reduce the number of hands.
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