Unicorn Phi hedging forex expert advisor

Unicorn Phi hedging forex expert advisor 3.5

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Unicorn Phi, a multicurrency expert advisor, is built on positive hedge correlation strategies.
There are 23 ready-used packets that can be selected to trade or not. For each packet there are 3 options to use pair trade i.e : Pair 1 only, Pair 2 only or Pair 1 and Pair 2 simultaneously.
This EA should be attached to one chart with any symbol or timeframe. Make sure the Account Mode is Hedging.
For MT4 version , click.
This strategy is based on new bars to open positions. Strategy Tester allows you to use the "Ope Price only" option to backtest or optimize. Since 2010, the default input parameters are optimization results about 11 years. They also use 19 packets.


  • Expert Name - name of an expert.
  • Expert Version - This EA is available in .
  • Expert developer - developer name.
  • Expert setup - explanation to attach this EA on a chart.
  • Magic number - magic number.
  • Background colour – color for background display
  • Title color - color of title display
  • Text color - color of text display
  • Button start color - color of start button
  • Close color-color of the button
  • Initial balance, if 0 using current balance - Initial balance.
  • Money management - use auto lots calculation.
  • Risk in percentage terms - risk based on account balance to calculate lots.
  • Volume in lots if money management false - fix lots if money management is set to false.
  • Use trailing equity If true trailing equity is active, default will be false
  • Tracking in There are three options: Points, Money or Percents
  • Start Trailing Equity in This Value
  • Trailing width - trailing width
PACKET SETTINGS (Packet 1 - 23)
  • Trade 1 ... Trade 23 - if true, this packet will trade
  • Trade pair 1 ... Trade pair 23 - option to select wich pair will trade (Pair 1, Pair 2 or both)
  • Signal value 1 ... Signal value 23 - value of signal (Aggresive, Moderate or Conservative)
  • RR ratio 1 ... RR ratio 23 - Risk:Reward ratio
  • Reverse order 1 ... Reverse order 23 - if true, open position in reverse order
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