TSO Order Recovery MT5 currency hedging example

TSO Order Recovery MT5 currency hedging example 3.2

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TSO Order Recovery EA is a proven and well-known method to cover open positions that have suffered losses by hedging.
  • It uses all the tools of the TSO Signal Builder EA - almost endless entry/exit strategies
  • Negative Management can be added to any strategy that eliminates losing trades
  • Pending orders are not set
  • Accepts any size account - Minimum $1000 recommended.
  • Any currency pair works
  • You can adjust it as you wish (the default strategy has been added to demonstrate the concept).


The Order Recovery system detects a losing position and opens an opposite position with a larger volume at a fixed distance from the original trade, creating a zone in which the loss is limited. This creates two scenarios:
  1. If the price reaches the target, the second position will cover the loss of the original trade or even make a profit. The positions can then be closed and all trades are made with a profit total.
  2. If the price reaches the level of the original trade, an additional position is opened so that the sum of lots in the direction of the original trade is greater. If the price hits the target, then the profit from the additional position and the loss of the previous position are combined. The total profit is then taken from all positions.
This process continues, and new positions are opened every time the price changes direction and passes the zone boundaries, until one of the objectives is reached.
The User Manual provides a detailed explanation of the EA's functions.
The EA can still be started if it suddenly stops working. It will then continue working in its normal mode taking into consideration any previous orders it has placed. This feature has been added only to cover unforeseen circumstances. The EA is capable of holding positions for a period of a few hours up to several weeks. It should therefore be used throughout the duration. You can run the EA on your personal computer, but it's highly recommended that you use a VPS server.

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For Order Recovery, please enter the following parameters​

(see User Manual for detailed description)
  1. Order Recovery Allow Order Recovery
  2. Order Recovery Zone Distance: the distance in pips between the initial order and the reverse order. All subsequent orders are eligible.
  3. Order Recovery Target Distance:the number of target pips from the edge of the zone at which the total loss of all open positions is 0. A shorter distance implies a faster exit, but is more aggressive because it requires a larger lot size, and vice versa.
  4. Enable Custom Lots: If this option has been enabled, Order Recovery will calculate the lot size based on distances between the target level and the zone selected. If this option is enabled, then the lot size of orders opened by Order Recovery will be calculated using the formula Xn=a*Xn-1bc.
  5. a,b,c: coefficients for determining lot size, similar to the dynamic lot size for initial orders. Used only when Custom Lots is enabled.
  6. ENABLE Safety: Use safe mode. If the market does not exhibit strong enough price movements, the order-restoring mechanism can open multiple positions, which can result in the loss of all available balance in the account. The purpose of this mechanism is to minimize potential losses.
    • All Positions: The current rebuild cycle for orders will stop when the floating loss has been reached.
    • Reduce Positions: Once the specified floating loss is reached, the system stops opening new positions on the zone boundaries, but the last position will be closed after the opposite boundary is reached.
    • Disable: disable
  7. Open Loss Units: Floating Loss Units
    • Percentage: floating loss in percent of current balance.
    • Money: floating loss in money terms.
  8. Safety: floating Loss. This is a loss in percentage or in money terms, depending on which setting you have.
  9. Custom Indicator Settings: Custom Indicator Settings. The indicators allow you to add customized automated strategies. Loss Management manages loss orders.
  10. ENABLE Manual Panel: enable manual trading panel.
  11. ENABLE Comments - enable comments:
    • Balance of account - balance
    • Current profit
    • Current lots - current lot
    • Max lots - max lot
    • Max drawdown % - max drawdown
    • Spread - spread
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