Tress EA MT5 arbitrage ea account

Tress EA MT5 arbitrage ea account 1.12

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For MT4
The system uses in trading the main laws of Forex - the price return after the sharp movement in any direction.

Timeframe: M15
Base currency pairs are AUDNZD and NZDCAD.


Use the multicurrency mode of the MT5 tester to simultaneously test the advisor on all recommended pairs.
You can use "Opening Prices Only" to perform quick testing, as the advisor uses only opening prices when necessary.
Only test the EA within the M15 timeframe
To demonstrate the EA's stability in various market conditions, long-term testing over 5-10 year is recommended.
Input parameters

Choose the currency pair (instrument) you wish to trade. They are written with a comma.

Automatic calculation of the lot for the required deposit.

Max Trade Pairs-Maximum number of simultaneously traded pairs.

Stop Loss, Balance - Stop in Balance

Advantages :

We trade on the basis of the channel for the average movement of each trading pair. If it is not, then we trade on a Return. All positions are distributed based upon signals from various time periods. When the position returns to its normal value, it is considered closed. In case of a very strong deviation, which happens very rarely, we increase positions threefold to take more profit from the market.

Floating order grid range:
As I wrote above, the Expert Advisor uses a grid of orders, which is quite common for bounce trading systems. The important thing to remember when calculating the price at the opening of the next position is that the price does not have to be above the current price before it opens the next one. Depending on the volatility of the market, the price of the next order is calculated. Orders are less often opened if volatility is high. If the volatility is low, the orders are opened more frequently. The Expert Advisor looks at the market and not the parameters that are already set.
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