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The expert system Trend catcher can be used on any type of account, including netting or hedging. An elementary unit of analysis, and not a bar, is the tick. Uses 5-digit quotes. Requotes are critical, a broker with minimal execution delays is needed.
Expert system creates its own RAM database by downloading historical data online. When you reload it, it is lost and must be downloaded again when you reload it. In order to achieve good results in real tick mode on the tester, it is necessary to carry out optimization.

Direct work begins once the data has been loaded. It consists of two phases. In the first stage, the analysis of the loaded ticks on the specified volume takes place. Data analysis is the selection of the best parameters that the Expert Advisor would have worked with if it had worked at that time, i.e. The method of total enumeration is used to select the best results. This is an actual process, since there are only a few choices.

The second stage is where we enter the market directly using the settings from the stack data and internal optimizer. The Expert Advisor can adjust TP or SL to make position insurance, but they may only play a minimal role in certain settings.
  • OnComment to display comments on the screen (slows the tester down).
  • OnWithdrawal to simulating the withdrawal of profits when profit exceeds 100%. (Works in testing).
  • TypFilling to specify the order execution policy.
  • Lot -size lot for market entry.
  • Risk - calculate the lot from the deposit.
  • Drawdown - maximum drawdown, at which the closing process takes place.
  • Maximum Spread - This is the maximum spread you are allowed to enter the market.
  • CountSteck- the value of the tick stack. 9).
  • ReOptimization - Period of cyclic optimization.
  • CountTick - number of ticks in the database, on which the analysis is carried out.
  • MinPick - tick price impulse (sensitivity of the single tick).
  • StepPips - The step to determine the sequence of ticks that make up the depth of the stack.
  • MaxPips - entry behind or against the tick.
  • TP The desired take-profit (adjusted to expert).
  • SL - the desired stop loss (adjusted by expert).
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