Traders Chameleon MT5 forex hedge strategy

Traders Chameleon MT5 forex hedge strategy 1.23

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The Trader's Chameleon​

Create your own Expert Advisor using the provided indicators and order management tools. You can also manage manual trades that you have opened.
This Expert Adviser is actually an Order Management tool with integrated EA functionality and therefore actually also belongs in the Utilities category. This tool allows for both manual and automated management of orders, positions and other functions that make trading much easier for day traders. In general, fully automated trading is not recommended. It is important to consider the current market conditions and determine which strategy should be used. I recommend to use Traders Chameleon in conjunction with my free Multi-MA and Multi-Timeframe indicator "MA Chameleon" that can be downloaded from:
The video clip below shows the operation with virtual stop orders in fast markets using the Grid feature. For more information please refer to the following links.
Features Overview:
Detailed Parameters Description:
Samples of operating for daytraders:
Samples of operating in Expert Adviser mode:
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