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For those who trade on the news
The Expert Advisor will place Stop Orders BuyStop or SellStop at the appropriate time. The distance from the current market price is adjustable. The Expert Advisor can modify orders that are not triggered within the time limit. They will be moved so they can again reach the desired distance from the marketplace. The other order is deleted when one triggers. Both orders will be deleted if they have not been activated within the specified time. For an open position it is possible to enable trailing.


  • Lots - The lot size to place pending orders.
  • The time of the news - The time to place orders.
    Timer(sec) - It modifies orders after a set amount of time.
    • Distance(pip) - After the set number of points it places the orders.
    • Distance StopLoss(pip). After the number of points, the Stop Loss is set.
    • Distance TakeProfit(pip) - After the set number of points sets the TakeProfit.
    • Orders delete (min) - After the set number of minutes removes orders if they have not worked.
    • ID - The identifier of the orders being opened. The ID will be generated automatically if ID=0
    • Use trailing -Use trailing. Accepts "Don't Trailing" - do not use trailing, "Profit Trailing" - bring Stop Loss immediately to Breakeven, "Loss Trailing" - simple trailing.
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