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TIOGA Night Scalper is fully-automated and works on all major currencies.
The main strategy involves using mean reversion at the end of US seasons. This system is focused on small and steady profits.
The EA does not use grid, martingale, averaging or other dangerous strategies. It uses fixed stoploss for every position.

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General Strategy Definition​

Tioga trades for only 2 hours, between 22:59 GMT and 21:00 GMT. (London Time). The system can only hold one position simultaneously on any pair.
The mean reversion strategy is what determines its entering direction. You can use VPS to make it work.


  • Timeframe & Setup Symbol: EURUSD M5
  • OneChart Usage for all pairs : When it is true, one chart is enough for trading all selected pairs
  • Min Account Balance: 300 USD
  • Account & Broker: All Brokers and all Standart or ECN aaccounts
  • Leverage: All leverages are fine (Prefered: Greather than 100)

Check that the London time shown in the chart matches the actual London time. If it is different, please change Broker GMT input parameter when you attach the EA to chart.

Input Parameters​

  • Lot Calculation Type: Fixed_Lot/Risk_Percentage
  • Fixed Lot : It is active when Fixed_Lot is selected for Lot Calculation Type
  • Risk Percentage (Between 1-100) (Per Pair): It is active when Risk_Percentage is selected. This shows the percentage of equity that is at risk per pair.
  • Maximum Lot in All Calculation Types: This number can be used for every pair
  • OneChart Usage for all pairs : When it is true, only one chart is enough for trading all selected pairs
  • OneChart pairs: You can use a comma to seperate and create the names of your pairs
  • Pairs suffix: A broker may use suffix. (Suffix refers to the letter that is behind the pair like EURUSDm. Just write suffix here.
    • EURUSDm >>> Suffix: m
    • EURUSD.m >>> Suffix: .m
  • Broker GMT in Winter : Please check London Time when you attached the EA to the chart.
  • Daylight Savings Time: Brokers may use this time if London is not your local time.
  • New Trades: If it is false, new order can't be opened
  • New Trades - Weekly Market Open: If it is false, new order can't be opened at Sunday 22:00 - 22:59 GMT
  • New Trades - Weekly Market Close: If it is false, new order can't be opened at Friday 21:00 - 21:59 GMT
  • No New Orders for Christmas or New Year - December 23rd 00:00 GMT to January 3rd 23:59 GMT
  • New Trades - Triple Swap Day: If it is false, new order can't be opened at Triple Swap Day between 21:00 - 21:59 GMT
  • Spread Filter (0: not used): If spread is higher than this, then new order can't be opened.
  • Daily Volatility % Filter (0:disabled 1:default) : If the pair reaches 1% volatility in last 24 hours, then position will not be opened only for this pair.
  • GAP Filter (0:disabled): If there is a GAP in last 3 hours, new position will not be sent. (in Percentage. Example 1.5 means %1.5 GAP)
  • Permission Filter: Only sell and only buy. You are allowed to write currency pairs. (Example: EUR,GBPUSD,CHF,AUDUSD) Please use comma as seperator
  • Entry Days and Hours: There are 10 hours in a week for opening new positions. (London Time)
  • Exit Type: Basic or Trailing. You can trade with only one selected "Exit Type"
  • Reduce TakeProfit: Takeprofit levels decrease every 5 minutes
  • StopLoss Reducing Every new 5 minute bar will have a stoploss of this value
  • Close All Positions - Drawdown % (0: disabled ): If drawdown reaches to 5% of your balance, then Tioga closes all positions which opened by it
  • All positions closed - London Hour (-1 for disabled): Positions that are 8 or more will be closed by 8:00 AM (London Time).
Real Price Level = Level * 0.0001 * price
For these inputs: TP, SL, TS, Trigger, Step, Spread Filter, SL Reducing
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