Tandem natural fx hedge

Tandem natural fx hedge 1.20

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Tandem is a multi-currency Expert Advisor, it trades simultaneously on 2 pairs with strong correlation, from support or resistance levels.

Trading strategy:​

Tandem Expert Advisor will open the first order for the currency pair in which the Expert Advisor has been installed. A hedging or hedging order is placed on the symbol in our settings when the resistance or support levels are reached. These levels are determined by price movements in the selected currency pairs. The closing of an order signals the opening of new trades. In this way, the Expert Advisor performs transactions continuously over time.
If the price movement continues in the direction opposite to the open orders, when a new signal appears, in the same direction as the previous transactions. New orders will then be opened, while the existing ones will trade. Otherwise, only new positions will be opened, the previous ones will be closed irrespective of results of profit. Only new candles can open and close positions.

Description of EA settings:​

  • Description current setting parameters:Description of current settings
  • New grid opening:Indication of new trade opening. False, if trades are still open and awaiting the closing signal
  • Visualization code Arrow: This is the signal icon code to visualize
  • Visualization of bullish: color of support level to visualize
  • Visualization for bearish: Color of Resistance Level to visual
  • Visualization of flattish: color of flat prices to visualize
  • Combine Link hedging tool (negative correlation of the main symbol).
  • Bundle Period: This period is in the two-symbol price tracking history
  • Bundle slowing Price smoothing
  • Volatility stat:Link to indicator calculations (ATR-Average True Range, StdDev-Standard Deviation)
  • Volatility period:History period for indicators
  • Volatility multiplier Indicator multiplier
  • EA lote type:Lot size calculation type (Fixed size-fixed lot, ree marging-depends on free margin)
  • EA size lot:Lot size (for dynamic lot, indicates percentage of free margin)
  • E A magik Number: EAID
  • EA Comment: An EA Comment
  • EA timeframe:The timeframe on which the EA trades
Simulation of EA using a fixed minimum amount, optimization: Only opening prices, optimization: Rapid (genetic algorithm). The "Discussion tab will publish settings files.
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