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The Expert Advisor system Stable Ex MT5 works with the currency pair EURUSD and only with it. This system implemented the principle of five orders - that is, a maximum of five orders can be made in one direction, after which the total position of the series must be closed by stops, either real or virtual. The trading system is designed in such a way as to work separately with a series of orders to buy and separately with a series of orders to sell. The Expert Advisor undergoes all kinds of tests on the whole history for the specified currency pair. The Expert Advisor can be tested using different delay levels and it works fully automatically! It does not need any customization, just use default settings.
  • Breakeven is used to describe a set of orders, (total position), and two separate systems for sell or buy.
  • Built in scalper technique on fast candles, works as a scalpel on sharp price movements.
  • Built-in self-adjusting indicator processing module. Trained for EURUSD.
  • Maximum 5 orders in one direction.
  • Adapted optimal indicators.
  • Deposit protection and risk management that adapts to changing circumstances
  • Trailing and stop stops are for the entire order and not just for a single purchase or sale.

What is the best way to evaluate a trading platform?
  • First, set the tester parameters to test the trading system.
  • You can use any type of testing method, including opening prices, check points, all ticks or real ticks.
  • You can also test the entire history of EURUSD and H1 during your testing period.
Tips for use.
  • Advisor settings: Use default settings.
  • Symbol: EURUSD and only!
  • The time frame for H1.
  • Brokers: All brokers can spread and receive a commission of up to 20 pip, or leverage 1:100.
  • Minimum deposit: $ 1000 nominal $ 10000, the deposit is closer to the nominal the more it will correspond to the drawdown declared (see screenshot.
The main parameters of the expert-system:
  • Volume - the size of the starting lot, in case of working without risk.
  • On Risk - used to enable automatic lot determination depending on the deposit, otherwise Volume works.
  • Percent risk - The percentage of risk relative to the starting deposit that is used for calculating the risk.
  • Risk Management - Options for money management.
  • Stop Loss - spot-loss (in pips).
  • Take Profit - Profit in pips
  • Grid Step - minimum grid step (in pips).
Advanced parameters of the Expert Advisor:
  • Type Filling - type of order execution on balance.
  • Magic - magic number for all deals.
  • Comment Order - comment for orders.
  • Lot Decimal (lot precision) - rounding up to the nearest digit.
Expert Systems Restrictions Parameters
  • Min Stops Level - forced level of minimum distance for stops (in pips).
  • Max Spread - maximum spread at which an order can be opened (in pips).
  • Commission - Commission listed in pips (in pips).

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