SMak ZigZag EA trending forex bot

SMak ZigZag EA trending forex bot 1.1

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The signal to open BUY or SELL orders is generated based on the data received from the indicator " SM ZigZag". As soon as the indicator shows that a downtrend is forming (the red line), the Expert Advisor places BUY order with the specified lot (it's possible to choose if it will be a fixed or a dynamic one in the settings).
After the first BUYorder has been placed, and before the indicator has formed the blue line (uptrend), the following BUYorders are placed in a certain step, changed according to the rate and with increasing lot size, according to the rate.
This continues until the "SM ZigZag " indicator forms a blue line (rising trend). All orders opened after the trend change line has been formed are cancelled and orders placed SELL will be closed, in the exact same way as previous orders with BUY.
The second indicator, "SM trend cloud ", has an equally important task. It forms "clouds" of two colors, green - uptrend and orange - downtrend. So, if the first indicator has formed a command to Buy orders, i.e. after the formation of the red line, and the cloud of the second indicator is green, the ratios of step and lot increase work as described above. If the cloud is orange, the lot and the step of the subsequent orders of this series are equal to the first value, i.e. they are not multiplied by the coefficients, but correspond to the initial values with equal intervals and Lots with unchanged lot. In the event of sudden trends reversals, these actions will reduce drawdown.
The Expert Advisor has a control panel on the chart (adjustable orientation). The strategy tester does not allow you to change the input data. For optimization it is necessary to disable:
False "ShowPanel"
"Draw_ZigZag" = false
"Draw_AndZadC" = false
We have built-in indicators, there is a small delay in starting testing (if the indicators are not disabled as described above).
The settings for the EA, built-in indicators and other functions are simple and user-friendly. There are a few subtleties you need to keep in mind when setting up:
False when "ReverceClose” =
Stop and Take are put real
Trall works
MoneyTP, MoneySL, PercentTP,PercentSL - does NOT work
If "ReverceClose = true"
You can stop and take it all virtual
Trall is NOT effective
MoneyTP, MoneySL, PercentTP,PercentSL - work
The Expert Advisor is perfect for those traders who like to participate in the process of trading and follow its process. Be sure to critically evaluate the risks, and follow the Money Management and Risk Management rules.
It is recommended that you wait until D1
Recommended time frame.
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