RSI Sniper MT5 Download Martingale EA

RSI Sniper MT5 Download Martingale EA 2.10

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RSI Sniper EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that handles two strategies simultaneously with its unique style. This EA uses RSI Indicator and Martingale based strategies in MetaTrader 5.
The default settings are for illustration and are not necessarily optimal. Use the settings that suit your strategy.
  • OpenBUY - Allow Buy trades. The default setting is true.
  • OpenSELL - Allow Sell trades. The default setting is true.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss for open orders (default setting is 0, no Stop Loss used)
  • StartTakeProfit - Take Profit for open orders (default setting is 5 pips (50 pips))
  • RSIperiod - RSI period. The default settings are the same as the standard RSI indicator in MetaTrader 4 (period 14).
  • BuyLevel - crossing this RSI level up will open a Buy trade.
  • SellLevel - crossing this RSI level down will open a Sell trade.
  • ManualLots - Size of the lot of transactions executed. Defaults is 0.01.
  • LotStep - step of the lot size of the EA (used for calculating the size of the next lot by the martingale function).
  • MagicNumber - the unique identifier of the EA deals. You should use a unique number for each chart on which the Expert Advisor is running, only if the pairs of these charts overlap.
  • Comments - comments on the order.
  • Slippage - slippage for the orders. (default value recommended)
  • Step1_3,Step4_6,Step7_8,Step9_12,Step13 - these values are used to control the Martingale function (default values recommended)
  • RegularSpread - These values are used to filter the market spread.


  1. More opportunities to trade on lower timeframes
  2. Minimum deposit $3,000 per currency pair
  3. Use 0 lot size.01
  4. Use a currency pair with a low spread (with the high spread filter enabled.)
  5. Use a broker with 3 or 5 digit quotes.
  6. Test in the Strategy Tester by changing the values of Manual Lot and Lot Step before real account usage
A version for MetaTrader 4 is also available
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