Robot Crossover Divergence mt5 arbitrage ea

Robot Crossover Divergence mt5 arbitrage ea 2.50

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The robot opens a buy or sell position using the signs below:​

9 SIGNS available:

  1. Crossover of 2 moving averages;
  2. Crossover of 3 moving averages;
  3. Crossing of DM + and DM- of the ADX indicator;
  4. Divergence of the RSI indicator;
  5. Divergence of the MACD indicator;
  6. Divergence of the OBV indicator;
  7. Divergence of the STOCHASTIC indicator;
  8. Three white soldiers candle pattern;
  9. Three black crows candle pattern;

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It is possible to operate with ADX of another asset, for that it is enough to insert in the ADX SYMBOL parameter the code (TICKER) of the asset that you want to use ADX.
You can even invert the signal for inverse correlation operation, for example, EUR/USD and USD/JPY. For example, operate on the EUR/USD and place the USD/JPY code on the ADX indicator, then go to SIGNS and enable the inversion of the ADX signal.
Doing this if the USD/JPY goes into trend, the robot will signal in the opposite direction to the USD/JPY trend.

Position openings are based on the parameters identified as signals, if you activate all the robot will issue a trading order only if the number of signals is greater than the minimum stipulated by the user.

This Expert Advisor (EA) works on HEDGE (Forex, etc.) and NETTING accounts, but manages only one position at a time.

The filters are used to increase the accuracy of the signals and if activated and not met your criteria, the order is not sent.

EA also offers MOBILE STOP with the Parabolic SAR indicator.

In addition to the STOP LOSS configuration, 6 (six) other ways to close an operation automatically, assisting in risk management, are possible:
  1. CLOSING position in the CROSSING of 2 averages (Fast and Intermediate).
  2. CLOSING position when reversing the parabolic SAR indicator.
  3. CLOSING position when reaching the limit of loss of position.
  4. CLOSING position RSI.
  5. CLOSING position Stochastic.
  6. CLOSING position for time.

It is important for the user to set up TAKE PROFIT, STOP LOSS, maximum position loss and maximum daily loss.

The investor should not forget to set the trading hours and only carry out DAYTRADE operations (open and closed on the same day).

If you are going to perform DAYTRADE positions, configure how many minutes before the end of trading time the robot will close the position.

It is important to check with your broker about the closing time of DAYTRADE positions and to set the end time with that time.

The Expert Advisor has a panel with the “CLOSE” button to be used in case of any unforeseen event in the market that makes you want to close your open position quickly.

Test your strategy on a Demo account. Ex: XP Investimentos, Modal Mais, ActiveTrades.

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The buyer declares himself capable of:
  1. We do not provide any trading or risk management advice, ideal configurations, promise of profits, etc.
  2. All communication over the internet is linked to interruptions or delays, which may prevent or hinder the sending of orders or the receipt of updated information.
  3. The seller disclaims liability for damages suffered by its customers as a result of failure of services provided by third parties.
  4. Financial assets carry a high risk of losing money quickly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how the active assets you are going to trade and whether you can risk losing your money.
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