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Project Gryphon forex hedging ea 1.3

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Project Gryphon is a fully automated trading Expert Advisor for the Forex market, which implements a medium-term trading strategy based on the theory of market wave movement
The Expert Advisor does not use Martingale, grid, averaging, scalping
The basis of the EA applies wave analysis to historical data and search for waves that predict the change of local trend in the future. Expert Advisor creates a trend-reversal forecasting model that covers five periods. Each advisor has its own version, with different parameters such as take profit and conditions for opening or closing positions. Each Expert Advisor works independently and is not interfering with other advisors. Stop loss protects all positions. The Expert Advisor has a minimum of settings for optimization. The extrapolator from the author sets the main settings. When using a larger period, repeat patterns are looked for. We can approximate the node points by interpolating them and then refine our patterns using a shorter period. An extrapolator can be used at the end to generate predictions using both periods. The extrapolator data is used to find five waves of different periods. The Expert Advisor uses the extrapolator data to find five waves of different periods. It must be adjusted periodically based upon the market conditions.
MT5 - Signal (v1.2-1.3) -


  • An EA is always active 24/5. No need to wait for news to trade, or for some events
  • In contrast to scalpers, Project Gryphon works in the medium term, and tries to pick up the entire price movement, not part of it
  • The adviser does not require the rapid execution of trade orders
  • Holding time of positions from a few hours to several days
  • An individual copy of the adviser for closing positions uses different TakeProfit, and to close the positions the terms of the trading system are used
  • With the use of multiple streams, the advisor can open several unidirectional positions, or positions can be locked by opposite positions
  • The trading system closely monitors each order and sets a protective stop loss for each one.
  • The main settings are for interactivity and ease. The chart displays the major advisor forecasts of the future waves.
  • An optimization is not required to start trading. The bulk of the settings are adjusted by the extrapolator on the author's side. Stop Loss
  • The Expert Advisor is equipped with an error detection system that will alert you when there's a problem.


Currency pair: EURUSD, time frame H1
Deposit: 0.01 lot for every 5$00
Advisor can trade on other pairs, but the interpolator and extrapolator were optimized and adjusted only for EURUSD

Warning about risk​

As any trading Expert Advisor makes forecasts using historical data. So based only on forecasts, we have only options for the price dynamics. You must be aware that taking big risks can lead to capital loss. Don't risk any money that you don't have the ability to afford. Small lot sizes are recommended. Consider potential drawdowns, since your EA can open up to five unidirectional positions!

Main parameters​

  • GMT Broker Offset (pull down menu to select)
  • Trade within the current wave: trade in the wave currently being traded or the one that is about to be launched (see our blog).

Optimized parameters​

  • Stoploss, point (600-800) - size stoploss for orders, in 5 decimal points (from 600 to 800 points)

Additional parameters​

  • Magic Number – Order Identifier
  • Commentary on positions- comment to orders
All Parameters List is Available Here
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