Pipsovar MT5 forex breakout strategy

Pipsovar MT5 forex breakout strategy 4.0

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In automatic mode, the Pipsovar Expert Advisor trades six symbols simultaneously: AUDCHF and CADCHF.
Attention! Gather the necessary data before you start the Expert Advisor to test it or trade real money. Run a test using the property Mode = Colllect_Bars, for at least 4 years from the start of your trading period to the end. The Expert Advisor will incorrectly calculate entry by indicators if it doesn't have 52 bars of weekly data. In order to bypass this MT5 limitation, it is sufficient to collect data once a year.
Signals: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1607325
The advisor uses a fully connected neural network that analyzes data from three weekly and daily chart indicators. This is what's known as reinforcement learning (Reinforcement Learning). Traditional neural network training assumes that all correct decisions are made and their outcomes have been determined in advance. The neural network is only required to remember them. Reinforcement learning is different because the neural network learns as it makes and learns. As it learns the unknown future, the neural network seeks to maximize the gain and forgets some of the decisions made in the past. The output favors the neural network that can be tested over the entire training period without significant drawdown and with maximum profitability.
For reinforcement learning, I created the original Python app. You can test hundreds of combinations of reinforcement learning's so-called penalties and rewards. The output of this app is the best combination.
The Expert Advisor can be started on the same chart. Regardless of the current chart, the Expert Advisor always trades 6 symbols at a time.
Pipsovar Expert Advisor is available for any symbol or any timeframe. Regardless of the current chart, the Expert Advisor analyzes data of 3 indicators on the weekly and daily charts for 6 symbols at the same time.

Accelerator properties
  • Mode >> mode of operation. Trade - trade, Collect_Bars - collect data. Collect 4 years of data before you launch the Expert Advisor for test or real trading. To do this, run a test with the Mode = Collect_Bars property on a period of 4 years (or more) by the start of the trading period.
  • CHFJPY >> since the Japanese economy is in free fall, it may not be worth trading this symbol.
  • For those with multiple symbols and different suffixes, the suffix >> suffix is required. This field can be left blank by most users.
  • Takeprofit >> TakeProfit
  • Trail >> Trail
  • Stoploss >> Stop Loss
  • Volume >> volume per trade. A fixed volume (example: 0.02) or a percentage of the available funds (example: 0.015%). On the tab Expert Advisors, the Expert Advisor displays the actual volume at either the start and the end of the change. Accounts that use non-US dollars as their deposit currency should always use fixed volumes (i.e. Euro, Yuan, Bitcoin, Australian dollar, etc. ).
  • Maximum number of transactions for the same signal >> The maximum amount of transactions that can be made if the signal is used on the exact symbol. New day - new trade, if the signal repeats.
  • Same signal range >> range of the signal on the same symbol. Counter for the same signal max property takes into account the deals within the range.
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