PickyTrader multi currency EA

PickyTrader multi currency EA 3.0

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PickyTrader V3​

The EA is based on 3 WPR and 1 RSI and a Bollinger Bands indicator. Bollinger Bands, which is the EA's main filtering indicator allows trades to be made when the bands are wider or narrower. If Bollinger Bands allows a trade, the values of the other indicators are fed into a 3 layer neural network to filter the signal. If this neural network indicates that setup is tradable, the very same inputs are fed into another neural network to decide trade direction. Every trade can be used independently of other trades. Each has a fixed SL or TP value.
No grid, no martingale, no hedging.
Default settings are optimized for EURUSD, H1, however, all parameters are public and may be optimized for any other currency/timeframe.


  • MagicNumber: unique number for this EA. Allow EA to handle the next 50 magic numbers too.
  • Money_FixLots: set to a >0 value to make EA trades fixed lot sizes
  • Money_RiskPercent - This is the risk of this percent of your account for every trade
  • Take profit in points
  • SLMulti: SL to TP Ratio (0.5 = SL equals TP; 1.0 = they are identical, 2.0 = SL twice TP etc.
  • GMTOffsetHours - The current GMT offset of the broker - must be accurately set!
  • MinTradeHour and MaxTradeHour: When can the EA be on the market?
  • WPR1, WPR2, WPR3: the periods the 3 WPR indicators, WPR1 < WPR2 < WPR3 must be true
  • RSI: The RSI indicator's time period
  • Bands, MaxBandWidth: Period of Bollinger Bands, and the threshold width of bands
  • TradeWhenWidens: True EAs trade when the bands are wider, false EAs trade when they narrow.

  • BuySellMidpoint: the default bias of the signal neural network. A value of 0.5 indicates no bias. Values lower than 0.5 indicate bias toward sells. Higher values indicate bias towards buyers.
  • SignalStrength is the strength required for a network signal to trigger entry. Should be between 0.05 and 0.5
  • W00..w11; b0..b1 and b2 are the weights for the signals neural network connections. It is recommended to optimize between 16 and +16 using steps >= 1.0
  • F00..f11 and fb0 are the weights for the connections to the filter neural networks. Recommended to optimize between -16 and +16 with steps span>


Optimizing an EA should be limited to a small number of inputs.
  1. Optimize the indicator levels and trade times.
  2. optimize the signal network weights
  3. optimize the filter network weights
Multiple optimizations can be done on the same input group before moving to the next. Repeat the whole process multiple times.
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