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Pair trading is still the safest form of trading. The Expert Advisor uses an interesting informative indicator which shows the strength of the trend on a particular pair as a percentage. Other indicators are also used. An example can be found on the screenshot. EURUSD has a 78% bullish trend strength. On USDCHF, the strength of the bullish trend is 70%. The Expert Advisor opens positions on both instruments for sell with equal lot. It closes when the numerical values of the trend strength for both instruments are slightly equal, so as to obtain a total profit. This is just one method of using the above mentioned indicator in paired trading.
The Expert Advisor calculates the daily price change for the 2 instruments as a percentage.
For example, when the EURUSD and USDCHF calculation data diverge by a certain %, the EA opens positions on both instruments. En example, EURUSD shows buy 75%, USDCHF buy 80%, opens orders to sell.The difference in the example is 155%.
After that the Expert Advisor waits for the data of these two pairs, and closes orders, either on specified profit or as a percentage of the difference, was 150% as in example 50-100% closed orders. The Expert Advisor can close transactions at a drawdown of % of the deposit.

The Expert Advisor works in different trading sessions.

The Expert Advisor is designed to work on pairs with forward and reverse correlation. Ideally, of course, the maximum profit is achieved at a spread of 150-180% and closing at 50-70%. To maximize profits, one should catch the momentum of one of the correlated pairs. Not all positions may close on the profit. This is natural, but the loss, if any, will be minimal. The vast majority of trades will be profitable. And it is the total profit that counts.

The basic settings of the Expert Advisor start from the name of the second pair for trading, by default USDCHF, to the settings of the informer, which is shown on the chart. Then come the indicator settings, they can be changed, but it is better to use the default ones.
Description of the settings:

The second symbol is the name of the second currency pair to trade;
Direct pair correlation - choice of direct or inverse;
Lot - the amount of lot to trade;
The percentage to enter first symbol - the indicator value, which shows the strength of trend on a particular pair in percent;
Percentage to enter the second symbol - the indicator value, which shows the percentage of trend strength on the specific pair;
The percentage to close position - the sum at which transactions will be closed;
Close when one of the pairs decreased percentage - closing positions, if the percentage decreased below the specified one. But you can disable this rule if the minimum profit is less than the specified value.
Size percentage of one pair for closing a position - the value of the percentage of profit in percent;
Profit not less than the minimum percentage of profit - the value of the percentage of profit in percent;
Minimum Profit Percentage - The value of the percentage profit;
Close Profit in Money - The choice to close profit in money or in percent;
Close profit size in money - the value is specified in money;
Close on drawdown - the drawdown size as percentage of deposit
The drawdown size to close positions - the drawdown size from deposit;
Magic order numbers - the number of magic orders for the Expert Advisor if you set more than one on the chart;
Maximal spread - the size of the spread at which the positions will be opened.
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